Pikachu charger for iPhone X


Pikachu, a wireless charger which will support the iPhone X is coming up

We all have waited for so long for the iPhone to support the wireless charging system. A company by the name of Teknofun has announced the launch of the Pikachu, a wireless charger which is compatible with the Samsung devices and also the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.This new product will be available only online through the GameStop at a cost of $ 49.99 from December 16th, 2017 .It is featuring the 3 USB ports. The cheeks of the Pikachu lighten up when it is charged. This new charger will finally be giving the iPhone users high end ability to power up their iPhone gadgets through this cute and adorable charger.

This Pikachu comprises of soft plastic and it is less than 10 inches in length and around 6 inches tall

 Looking at the continued success of the game the Pokémon Go, there is no surprise that the firm which is behind the development of this device has made a decision to come up with the Pikachu Wireless charger too. This Pikachu comprises of the soft plastic and it is less than 10 inches in length and around 6 inches tall. Looking at the general trend, most of the Qi chargers are small in size in comparison to their phone counterparts but Pikachu is the biggest among all.

This product has been specifically designed for iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, iPhone X and also Samsung devices

The users can put their phones on the Pikachu’s tail and the cheeks of the charger glow for indicating that the phone is charging up. Along with an induction charging pad, wireless charging device sports three of the additional USB ports for supplying power to the rest of the devices. There is no information stating that the Pikachu is utilizing the Qi standard for the accomplishment of the wireless charging. But this product has been specifically designed for the iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, iPhone X and also the Samsung devices.

Apart from its induction platform, users can also charge other devices with three of its USB ports

This adorable wireless charging unit is available for $ 49.99 at the GameStop .So apart from its induction platform, the users can also charge the other devices with the three of its USB ports. The little ears of the adapter slip off for revealing the charging prongs. So now just forget about charging your iPhone X with the cord as this new product supports the wireless charging .It is quite convenient to use and this new charger is truly adorable. This wireless charging system has been specifically designed to look like a Pikachu who is lying on the stomach with the wireless charging surface residing on the back. The 3 USB ports which the charger has can be utilized at the same time when the charging is taking place .This means user can charge up to 4 devices at the same time.


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