Oppo F3


Oppo F3 has 5.5 inches touch screen and a resolution of 1080 pixels

Oppo F3 phone was launched this year in the month of March. It has 5.5 inches touch screen and a resolution of 1080 pixels. The starting price of Oppo F3 in India is INR 19990.The type of processor which powers the phone is 1.95 GHz octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 and it has a RAM of 4 GB.The internal storage of phone is 64 GB which is expandable to 256 GB by inserting a microSDcard.The phone has a 13 megapixel camera at the rear side along with the phase detection auto focus and it is also having a single LED flash. There is a dual camera which is present on the front side -16 plus 8 megapixel and this dual camera technology is quite smart enough for the shooting of the panaroma pictures. The users can also shoot a classic solo shot in between the two cameras.

Amazing looks along with the extraordinary performance

The amazing looks of phone also comes with the extraordinary performance .The phone can operate on altogether 6 frequency range and it is embedded with an in built wifi amplifier too. This phone is running on the android 6 and it has a non removable battery of 3200 mAh. With a dual SIM support option, the smart phone is embedded with the gorilla glass along with the fingerprinting sensor and this amazingly high end phone has a very high battery backup.

Dual camera setup makes the smart phone a selfie expert

This phone can be the best choice for all those people who are looking for a device with the help of which they can capture high quality images. The dual camera system of phone allows users to shoot selfies and the best thing is it keeps the face in focus and there will be no blurring of the background. The Oppo F3 phone supports the 4G LTE and also USB together. The user is given the choice of two different slots with the dual SIM option and also a distinguished slot for the micro SD card too.

Oppo F3 has a robust power optimization tool and manages applications in smart way

With the finger print reader, a slight finger touch is enough to unlock the screen and this phone utilizes hydrophonic technology which makes it fully water resistant .The Oppo F3 has a robust power optimization tool and can manage all the applications of the users in a smart way .

This phone imparts a smooth and light weight experience to all the users

With an expandable memory of 256 GB, users will have plenty of space to keep their pictures stored. The colour OS 3.0 makes Oppo F3 seamlessly responsive and imparts a smooth and light weight experience to the users.The dual front camera setup of the device makes it a selfie expert and it has 6P lens and the f/2.0 aperture along with the beautifying features and the bokeh effect.

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