Nike FuelBand


Achieve your fitness goals with Nike Fuel Band

There is a new breed of physical activity monitors that can be worn as a wristband .Owing to the development of pedometer chip technology, one can use a simple devices for example a wristband to produce more accurate and fair physical activity data and the same monitor can be linked up to the mobile phone app and the measured physical activity data can be downloaded to the computers also.


  • Nike fuel band is the simplest and the smartest way to remain more active by measuring the physical activity and the steps that are taken to burn the calories.
  • Nike fuel band works as a fitness tracker and looks highly attractive with a pedometer embedded that tracks every step that is taken to stay fit and the amount of the calories burnt by the wearer.
  • The latest creation of the Nike works as a standard pedometer and motivates the people who are living sedentary lifestyles to get into the active mode.
  • The smart sport wristband is thick and can be wrapped around the wrist and is secured by the metal clasp.
  • The product has a simple design and a single button is provided which is used to scroll through the categories and there is also a row of hundred white colors LED’s that display the digits.
  • There is a small line of 20 colored LED’s which changes color from red to green as soon as the user reaches nearer to the target.
  • One end of the fuel band is having a USB portal and also has a blue tooth connectivity with the help of which one can transfer data and if a user wants to connect the fuel band to the system he can use the USB port which is located at one end of the device or the wireless blue tooth link can also be used to synchronize the physical activity data with the phone.
  • The Nike fuel band looks very catchy especially with the colored LED readouts and there are also additional spacers provided that can be used to increase or decrease its length enabling it to fit into different wrist’s size
  • Effective physical activity tracker

  • The design is water resistant but not completely waterproof.
  • Nike wrist band tracks the intensity of the workouts and displays the user’s progress in real time and can be connected to the mobile phone with the Bluetooth or the USB portal.
  • So whether someone wants to take their heart rate to the next level of fitness or wants to look at each level of small steps that are taken to achieve high level of fitness, Nike wrist band is one such fitness tracker that fully helps the users to realize their fitness goals.
  • So with a press button, one can view the number of steps taken, calories burnt, time, date and the distance travelled or stairs jumped.
  • Nike fuel band serves as an excellent fitness tracker for monitoring and measuring the physical activity of the users all the time.
  • It utilizes the sensors to monitor the movements and can be easily connected to the computer or a smart mobile phone to store the information about the daily physical activity.
  • Keep moving with Nike fuel band

    With visually striking design and latest features, Nike fuel band tracks the physical activity and measure it in terms of fuel points that are earned and also compares the fuel points earned by the other people too through the Nike network.

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