Motorola Focus 66


Internet of things is becoming popular every passing day. There are a number of products falling under the banner. One of the fastest growing markets is that of security cameras which can monitor home, office or other locations from smart phones, tablet or web browser. Obviously, security cameras are one of the most logical and sensible steps in connecting homes. It can bring a great relief and peace to the mind. However, Motorola focus cameras are not about creating a full CCTV system. Although, one can create a full system with them but it will have some limitations. Moto 66 provides two way communications where one can listen to what is going on within the camera surroundings as well as speak via the camera.

The device allows one to speak to someone at home via the camera while working at office. All record in 720 pixels HD has motion and temperature sensors built in. Alerts can be received if motion is detected and temperature above or below set levels. There are also options for alerts based on sounds. The alerts are logged in the Hubble for Motorola application and one can push through to get instant notification of what is going on. Once motion is detected, recordings can be saved for watching it back. It can also be downloaded for review at a later date. The recordings are saved in the cloud on Motorola servers. Depending on needs and desires of a security camera, Motorola Focus range can be adjusted.

With notifications, user will have to tinker with the settings as one can end up with lots of notification in quick succession. It will depend on set up and preferences. User can expect a hell of a notification in first few days if the settings are not changed accordingly. There are a few inconsistencies with the motion detectors. The device can show motion detection up to 40 metres away. With the same traffic, the camera can show lot of activity or less. Moving the cameras position can assist along with reconfiguration of the sensitivity levels. The situations with sounds are quite similar.

The scales of detection are not really based on anything like decibels that is fairly standard. However, different environments and set ups will require different set ups. Most of the time, there is a delay of 5 seconds even on the same wireless network while viewing footage or controlling the cameras. The delay time can also be longer depending on connection set ups and speeds. This is not actually a real problem but it is a bit of hassle if one tries to remotely pan and tilt a camera.

Overall, the cameras are good utility for simple functions and exercises. It is simple to set up and good value for money. There are decent motion, sound and heat detection. Night vision is another remarkable feature. People looking for a camera in a room at home to check the kid or check the window cleaner can go for the device. It certainly serves a purpose with limited hassle and cost.

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