Moto G4 Plus


Bigger and bolder budget mobile phone

Moto G remains a consistent performer in the Indian mobile phone industry. It has come a long way in terms of durability and quality products .All its products are competitively priced and has gain a significant foot hold in the flourishing Indian mobile phone industry. Moto G is always known for its high end performance and reasonable price. Now with Moto G4 plus, the company is offering another high end mobile phone with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The mobile phone was launched at a time when competition was growing fierce in the mid –range segment of mobile phones with other companies launching number of mobile phones that are cheaper than Moto G 4 plus and are attractive in looks with great performance. If we compare Moto G4 plus with the other products in the same series, the Moto G 4 Plus is much more slimmer with better features in comparison to G3 and other versions of the Moto G series.

Slim phone with large screen

Moto G4 plus is a slim phone and has a metallic silver plastic frame and white rear panel. The front panel is covered with a large 5.5 inch screen and its fingerprinting sensors are highly responsive .With much accurate color saturation it is an ideal choice for watching videos and playing mobile games in a highly engaging way. It is 4 G high capacity mobile phone and has superior call quality even in those areas where there is problem in network connectivity.

Fast screen and responsive touch

  • The product is launched with superior camera with the improvement in the low light performance and its HDR mode which has the capacity to deliver some of the stunning camera results.
  • Another plus point about the camera is the absence of shutter –lag and it can manage pink, red and other colors in a much better way that the cameras of other budget mobile phones.
  • The 16 MP shooter camera is liked by the majority of the users.
  • The product is shipped with the turbo charger and possesses six hours of battery life by just charging it for fifteen minutes.
  • With a fast screen and responsive touch it is really enjoying using with all its apps open fast and don’t get bogged when many apps are opened at once.
  • Extraordinary features and high quality

  • The speakers of the G series phone have been upgraded and with better battery backup and good screen, Moto G4 Plus is definitely a good choice for the mid-range mobile phone users.
  • With simple and smooth curves the phone looks very stylish and is available in five different accent colors to choose from.
  • Although its size is exactly the same as G4 and for people who likes Android, Moto G4 Plus is much safer to use and it is launched on the android marshmallow and there is no requirement of further app additions.
  • With Moto G4 Plus Moto G is much bigger and bolder now and its launch is a big step in the category of medium range mobile phones.
  • The phone is a delight for all those who are looking for exceptional features and high quality product at affordable price.
  • Best budget mobile phone

    Moto G4 Plus has changed the perspective of the consumers about the budget phones. Moto G4 Plus is another addition to the Moto G series which comes with the improvement in the camera technology and if one is looking for a budget phone that has extraordinary, smart features and great camera, Moto G4 Plus is definitely the best option.


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