Microsoft Surface Laptop


Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft unveils a new Surface Laptop on May 2nd. Yes it’s right Surface Laptop not Pro or Book or something else

Surface Laptop is a laptop with no detachable screen thus its not a tablet. Its just a regular Laptop

With this new Laptop Microsoft also launched Windows 10 S, a locked down version of Windows 10 which only runs the apps which are available in the Apps store

The 13.5-inch screen (with a peculiar 2256×1504 resolution, retaining the 3:2 aspect ratio used on other Surface systems) is bright and crisp.

The weight is respectable, for the screen size, at 2.76lb (1.25kg).

The laptop comes in different colors but the base version is only available in Platinum Color

The various other colors which are available are

  • Platinum
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Graphite Gold
  • The other 3 colors from the base variant are available with Intel Core i5 only, but the Platinum variant is available in Intel Core i7 too

    The Laptop screen is touch capable and and supports Surface Dial

    Surface Laptop has been priced at $999 base variant with increase in price for higher versions

    The pricing seems to be a bit steep as compared to the previous versions of Surface but this product has been launched to compete with MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, but surely this has the limitation of Windows 10 S which allows only limited apps listed on Windows store to work.

    Windows 10 S users can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro at an additional cost of $50, but if you purchase before the end of this year you can get this upgrade for free


    Microsoft has started Pre-Booking in Many Countries already

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