Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705


Wireless mouse has become an integral part of today’s world. No wonder competitors are competing fiercely to protect its individual turf. Logitech definitely is the first among equals. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 has one of the smoothest scrolling and navigation experiences. The mouse is fitted with 3200 dpi laser tracking. It has also been combined with the unifying wireless USB (2.4 GHz) that allows to sync up to six devices on USB. It has the capability to offer lasting comfort while working on a system. The mouse has been specifically designed to mirror the contours of right hand. Its ergonomic shape comes as a relief for the palm and makes hyper fast scrolling capability at finger tips. The high resolution sensor reliably responds to hand gestures without any lag time. Wireless connectivity is pretty clutter free and easy to set up. Battery life is also awesome.

The mouse has been adorned with classic black and grey. It has a modest yet sophisticated design. Mingling in a business crowd is not an issue. Structurally speaking, device feels comfortable in user hand with a soft rubber lining that cradles the thumb. There is a button under the thumb rest which splays out all the windows that have been opened into an organized display. Right above it is forward/back browser button. In between the matte plastic mouse buttons is a plastic and metal scroll wheel that provided a smooth ratchet scrolling experience. The ratchet can also be disabled for more free flowing scroll that as per Logitech can move through 10,000 lines in 7 seconds.

The scroll wheel also has the ability to move horizontally through pages a nice bonus feature. The underside of the mouse contains the designated battery hatch (two AA batteries are included) that doubles as a place to store the thumbnail wireless USB connector. The M7O5 has the option for casual user to be a plug and play device. In case, one wants to customize the options, one can always go to Logitech’s download center. After reaching there, one can get the Set Point software which can customize button settings, set the pointer and scroll speed as well as acceleration. Battery life can also be checked and another wireless can also be added. Mouse can also be set for game settings through the same process. The unifying technology is quite specific to Logitech devices and is a distinguished feature rarely offered by companies.

The M7O5 also has the ability to track speeds up to 3200 dpi, meaning the mouse will move more precisely. It might not be 5700 dpi speeds one sees in the gaming mice, however, the mouse still offers fast, precise movements. The lower dpi mouse senses less fluidity in motion, especially on higher resolution screens. The Logitech performance mouse MX provides a very similar feature set. However, the design is unappealing and costs nearly $50 more. The M705 adds a sophisticated navigating experience with an advanced feature set and higher dpi that is ready for the office or casual gamers.


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