iPhone 7


Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone7 series next month and the predecessor model of iPhone7 will observe some of the minor tweaks .The Apple’s next generation iPhone7 will be thinner in comparison to all its previous models and will be lying anywhere between thickness range of 6 to 6.5 mm. The device will probably divert from the Apple’s all-around metal construction to an unknown material and that could possibly be a ceramic. The phone is identical in looks to its processors and the iPhone 7plus model will have a smart connector at the back.

Design, features and specifications

  • IPhone 7 is the latest high tech model that combines the looks of iPhone 5 and the soul of iPhone6.If we compare iPhone 7 with that of iPhone 6s and 6 s plus, the battery life has significantly gone better.
  • The phone is much talked about and is generating plenty of interest among the buyers although it provides only minor upgrades over the iPhone 6S.
  • The phone is featuring a bigger dual lens rear camera this time in comparison to the previous versions with an enhancement in the overall user camera experience.
  • The iPhone 7 dual camera will come with the optical zoom and it is a huge differentiator and can become an ideal choice for serious photographers.
  • Another difference that was heard between the iPhone 7 and the earlier iPhones is the lack of the headphone jack and the phone will be around 1 mm thinner and a little more water resistant. So the phone is now strengthened more with a water proof frame.
  • The iPhone 7 is more or less identical in shape and design to the iPhone 6 plus with the difference in the visible plastic antenna lines and the hump of the rear facing camera.
  • The upcoming mobile phone series will feature four speakers which are set up just like in the I pad pro and will have bigger comer’s sensor this time.
  • This advanced version of the iPhone will be the first one to use the LTE modem chips which will be installed for the first time in the iPhone 7 models.
  • Smarter and faster iPhone technology

  • The phone is equipped with the 3 GB of RAM and the Apple is finally saying goodbye to its 16 Gb version of the iPhones with the arrival of the new series of iPhone 7 smartphones that will be equipped with 32 GB,128 GB and even as high as 256 GB storage space.
  • However the new product is offered in the same color options that is silver, space grey or gold and the latest iPhone with innovative features will be shipped with iOS 10 operating system and this will provide the better Siri support for the third party applications and a complete revamp of the messenger app.
  • With the installation of the latest operating system, the next generation iPhone is going to have plenty of interesting and innovative features like new UI, smart SIRI, highly fast processor and advanced camera for better and sharper pictures.
  • The phone will probably feature the screen size of about 5.5 inches along with the OLED display and the iPhone will feature the Sapphire glass which is tougher and cannot be broken easily than the gorilla glass which was used in the earlier versions.
  • The Apple is now ditching its old design and is coming up with all new buttons less design where the home button is removed to give more space for the bigger screen.
  • With the utilization of Lifi the phone is capable of transmitting data at 100 times higher speed than the speed of Wi-Fi.
    Most anticipated launch of the year
  • iPhone 7 is the most anticipated phone of the year and features the advanced operating system with smart SIRI, fast processor, dual camera, bigger screen, sapphire glass body and highly advanced iOS 10

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