Hololens in Medical Science


Hololens is the Microsoft Company’s AR headsets

While the attention of the entire world is on virtual reality, the team of Researchers who are employed at Case Western Reserve University is working on the concept of augmented reality. This is something which provides the users an innovative way to experience the entire world.Hololens is the Microsoft company’s AR headsets and with the help of this device, viewers can actually have a look at all the virtual objects which are projected on top of the reality through the transparent lens.CWRU is the first educational institution which started working on the unique concept of augmented reality.

This technology is going to transform the way education is imparted

Presently the researchers have been discovering new ways to utilize technology for transforming the way education is imparted. They also came up with the HoloAnatomy app that enables all viewers to examine each and every organ of the body from different perspectives .This is actually a step up from the usual dissection of the dead tissues and then viewing their 2D illustrations like we have been doing from the past many years.

Big and innovative tool to advance science and medical technology

The entire medial education will be transformed through the utilization of this $ 3000 costing AR head set .This device is projecting the holographic view of the objects into the field of view of the users and thus it mixes the physical with the virtual world. It thereby enhances the learning capabilities of the students about the human body. Hololens device prove to be a big tool to advance science and medical technology.

Augmented reality, 3D effect and collaborative technology is what makes this technology

With the help of the hololens app, medical students can walk around the anatomical models and can see how the bones, muscles and other organs actually work in context of the human body. The traditional teaching methodologies can be combined with the hololens to help out medical students to see various layers of the body. The augmented reality, 3D effect and the collaborative technology is what makes this device and it has some of the most compelling implications for the entire healthcare sector .This actually works as a cost effective way to expedite the entire educational process and makes learning easy and engaging for the students.

Advanced and valuable learning systems for the next generation medical practitioners

This technology has been designed to support collaborative learning in various health disciplines and impart the most advanced and valuable learning systems for the next generation of the emerging medical practitioners. This proves to be an engaging way to educate learners in comparison to working on the cadavers. They can get the complete view of the body parts for the first time .When it comes to improving the capabilities of the health care sector and impact education to the students, this technology is surely going to transform the face of the heath care sector in this century.

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