Canvas Laptab


Micromax has been active in the smart phones and tablets market for quite a while now. However, with the 2 in 1 category having kicked off and not any players in the entry level segment, there is a huge gap to fill. The company known for its budget handsets made a logical move to explore the niche segment. There have been products in the segment like Asus Transformer Book, Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga series and so on. However, almost all of them have been on the higher end of price spectrum. Canvas Laptab comes in two parts, the tablet and the detachable keyboard that can be joined via the magnetic hinge. The first striking thing is the weight. For a 10.1 inch convertible, the device is heavy at 1.1 kg.


The magnetic hinge is pretty good and holds the tablet in place. It requires a good amount of effort to pull it apart. While travelling on rough roads, a sudden jerk due to the ever present potholes may tend to detach the tablet from the magnetic hinge. Moreover, while shutting down and closing the magnetic hinge holds it in place and there is a provision to slip it in on the front edge of the keyboard. There is a visible gap when the Laptab is in shut state probably to prevent the display from resting on the keypad. Tablet portion comes with a 10.1 inch 1280*800 pixels display. There is a lot of bezel around the tablet and with a thinner bezel one could easily have a 11.6 inch display.

The Windows logo is prominently placed at the base of the display and a 2MP front camera. The rear side has a thick plastic cover which has rubber additions around the sides and the top edges. On the top, one will find a 3G SIM card slot, a micro SD cad slot, a micro USB port for charging and an audio jack. The placement of audio jack is not an issue while being used as a tablet. However, in the laptop mode headset or earphone wire will come between the user and the display unless it is routed from behind. The sides have grilled section for the speaker and there is the volume rocker and power/standby button on the side. While the buttons have good design, it requires a hard press that can be annoying.

The QWERTY keyboard has tiny little isolated keys. There is a learning curve if one is switching from a regular full sized keyboard. Due to the 10.1 inch form factor, the full keyboard could only be accommodated by reducing the size of each key. The track pad is tiny and is quite responsive. It also supports Windows 8 gesture and two finger scrolling and three finger gesture to switch between desktop and modern UI interface. With 1280*800 pixel resolution, one can get a pixel density of 150 ppi. The display looks vibrant and text looks crisp. From an arm’s length, one can barely see any sort of pixilation on the display.

There are issues with the Micromac Canvas Laptab such as limited storage, touch responsiveness not being the smoothest, stuttering when accessing heavy websites and so on. One needs to take into consideration the above factors while purchasing the device.


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