Best chromebook of 2017


A chromebook belongs to a completely different genre of laptops

A chromebook belongs to a different breed of laptops where the applied operating system is not common OS like the Windows 10 or the MacOS but it is the Google’s chrome OS. Moreover, the Chromebook’s design determines all the significant applications in the cloud. This means an internet connection is mandatory for this system while using the cloud based application and documents. At first, the cloud based system was targeted towards education market but with its great look and performance, it has expanded its customer base.

Chromebook is a significant device that dominates the education sector

The major advantages of this Chromebook are its cost effectiveness, extended battery life and user friendliness. In the year 2016, Chromebook has more sales rate than Macs and according to the estimation of the global digital market, the sales rate will grow by 16.3 % in this current year of 2017. Moreover, it is significant that the device dominates the education sector highly. According to the market review, only US schools has brought 5.4 millions chromebooks in 2016. As the Chromebook runs on the Google OS therefore its operations are highly dependent on internet and Google compatible applications. Moreover, using a Google account for Chromebook can give the best experience to its user.

Check out some best the chromebooks of the year 2017

The Chromebooks are highly integrated with Google apps like chrome, calendar and drive. Therefore the usage of these devices can differ for its users. It should be noted that popular softwares like photo shop, MS office suite are not available in chromebooks but the online versions like the web pages are available. The Users can choose Chromebooks considering the overall packages, low budget and for the educational and business purpose as well as 2-in-1 feature. Some best the chromebooks of the year 2017 are listed below:

Dell Chromebook 11

The Chromebook uses Intel Celeron N2840 CPU with Intel HD graphics. Its storage capacity depends on the 2-4GB ram and 16GB SSD. However, the 11.6 inches and 1366*768 touch screen is not standard. The major drawback is the small touch screen. Again, the positive factors are the 180 degree barrel hinges, rugged design and strong keyboard with a track pad. This Chromebook is an excellent device for the students but its loud stereo speakers can make the rock lovers happy with high pitch and loudness.

Asus Chromebook Flip

The cost effective price tag and full metallic body can make this Chromebook one of the best choice for its users. Moreover, it has long battery life, Rockchip 3288-C CPU and ARM Mali T624 graphics for its user. The single time rotation and touch screen features are combined with the 16GB eMMC storage and 10.1 inches screen with IPS multi-touch facility. The occasional crashes are the difficulties here.

Acer Chromebook R11

This Chromebook can serve the same flexibility as the Windows. It can be rotated to 360 degree to convert itself in a tablet. The great battery life and compatibility with the android apps are its major advantages. However, 4GB DDR3L RAM and connectivities like dual band and Bluetooth features cannot balance the issues of low resolution display. The device has 32GB storage space and 11.6 inches screen with HD web camera.

Samsung Chromebook pro

The 500$ device has QHD touch display, hybrid hinge but the finishing of keyboard and touchpad is not that good. Using many of the apps and browsers can spend the RAM quickly making the system low. However as a budget device it is great for the students.

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