Beoplay A1


Luxurious performance and extremely elegant design

The Beoplay A1 is an extremely detailed, solid wireless speaker. It imparts luxurious performance to the users and comes in an affordable price range. It has a perforated dome like casing with a B&O trademark and is having a leather strap too. The speaker comes as a surprise owing to the reputation of the B & O Company which is known for the development of specialised high end products. This is an aluminium clad dome shaped device and this product appears highly sleek and imparts high quality sound .It comes in compact size with an extended battery life and has a strong design.

Small wireless speaker which looks entirely different from other products

The B& O should be credited for creating this small wireless speaker which looks entirely different from the ones which already exist in the market and even its cost is not that high. This product has been designed and developed by Cecile Manz with an aluminium clad sleek body. The speaker is not having any kind of protruding buttons and it is strong enough to handle all kinds of scrapes during every day use. Looking into the features, it is having two drivers- one is 3.5 inches mid cone woofer and also another one which is 3 by 4 inches .It can deliver amazingly loud sound and this is something which comes as a surprise and it is even quite strong in the mid range too.

2200 mAh internally rechargeable battery

One of the limitations of Beoplay A1 is that it has difficulty in resolving some of the complicated tracks played at high volume just like when many instruments are played at one time. But the plus point of this device is it has a strong battery life .With 2200 mAh internally rechargeable battery, it can run for 24 hours and it also has a robust power management system. You have to charge it with a USB-C cable as it is not chargeable with a standard micro USB cable and this is going to run for a the whole day.

Amazing audio performance with excellent bass responsiveness

The audio performance of Beoplay A1 is no doubt amazing with the strong and excellent bass responsiveness. The blue tooth speaker comes in compact size, stylish and rugged design and it even fills the small room with lots of sound and it works everywhere. One of the thing user has to keep in mind is Beoplay A1 is not water resistant. You don’t need a cable to run it and this is the ultimate device which justifies the price of $249. Now it has occupied a premium place in the category of blue tooth speakers.

Attention grabbing audio output with best in class features

Overall Beoplay A1 is quite an impressively sounding Bluetooth speaker and it has been thoughtfully created with an elegantly stylish design. Along with that, even the audio output is attention grabbing and all its extraordinary features beat most of its rivals.

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