Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HN/A


Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HN/A is powered by fifth generation Intel core i5 and i7 processors. The ultra efficient architecture has been designed to use less power and still deliver very high performance. It means not only the user can do whatever they want but also for longer period of time. Besides, the Intel HD graphics 6000 processor offers advance performance particularly with games and other graphics intensive task. Macbook air supports ultra-fast 802.11 ac WIFI. When connected to an 802.11 ac base station including airport extreme and airport time capsule, wireless performance is up to 3 times faster than with previous generation of WIFI or Macbook Air.

While other laptop continues to catch up to the air, and even move past it in terms of design, the Air stubbornly holds on the claim of having the longest lasting mainstream laptop battery. The performance boost as in most broad well systems is slim to negligible but the greater power efficiency of the new chips pays a significant dividend. Along with a new CPU one can get the associated improved integrated graphics which are included with the broad well platform as well as a speed bump from thunderbolt to thunderbolt 2 in the data/video port. The built in flash storage which switched to the faster PCle interface last cycle, now also gets faster.

From the outside the smooth aluminum still looks modern and minimalist. The look has been copied by many others including Dell’s XPS 13 series. At 2.92 pounds, the device sits right in the middle of the current MacBook line up. The 12 inch MacBook is nearly one third lighter at 2.04 pounds. The 13 inch pro is heavier at 3.46 pounds. On the Air, one will find a very thick bezel. The dead space between the edge of the display and the edge of the lid gives it a less premium look and feel. The island style keyboard is very much the same as seen on the last seven generations of MacBook. Other laptops have matched, however, not surpassed the backlit Apple keyboard and it is still great for long term typing.

One area where the device could use a serious refresh is in the display. The resolution is capped at 1440*900, while even mid priced Windows laptops now default to the HD standard of 1920*1080. Premium laptops at or around the price of Air have also been moving past standard HD into even higher resolutions all the way up to 4k displays. From its inception, Apple has backed off a bit from the enforced minimalism and the current Air has a pair of USB 3.0 ports. While the design and the features remain the same year after year, the battery life continues to improve. It is a result of combination of new Intel processors that improve with every generation as well as Apple’s ability to maximize battery life from its laptop.

While the MacBook air no longer captures the same imagination as before, nevertheless, it remains a solid machine for work and play and a staple of pretty much every airplane, coffee shop and conference room.


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