Apple discontinues iPod nano & Shuffle


The Apple Company recently discontinued both iPod nano and iPod shuffle

The Apple Company recently discontinued both the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle from its website and also from the online stores. The confirmation is being made by the company that both of its iconic media players have been discontinued. The firm still continued to sell its iPod touch with the updated pricing as well as the storage capability .Well as of now, it seems that the iPod nano and the shuffle are still available in the numerous Apple stores but it is not likely to be the case for longer period of time.

The spokesperson from company made final confirmation that both of its products have now met their end

The company carried out the updation of the iPod Nano in the year 2012 and the updation of iPod shuffle was done in the year 2010.Well while searching for these two products, you will come across the results which are learn more and the buy links and they will also be leading to the URL which is no longer existing. The spokesperson from the company also made the final confirmation that both of its products have now met their end and they have been officially discontinued too. The company claimed that it is trying to simplify the line up of its iPod models with the launch of its two models of the iPod touch. These two products now have the double capability in comparison to the earlier versions.

The iPod touch is now available with storage capacity of 32GB and 128GB

The iPod touch is now available with the storage capacity of 32GB and also 128GB .Although few of the units of iPod shuffle and nano are still available at the Best Buy and also at some of the other authorized retailers till the time the stock runs out. The iPod nano was updated last in the year 2012 when Apple tried to redesign the gadget with the Bluetooth support for the wireless headphones and also the speakers. The Apple Company also launched the new batch of the colours. There was also the redesigning of the clip on the shuffle with fourth generation model in the year 2010.The shuffle was introduced for the first time in the year 2005 and it was also followed with the launch of the iPod nano later in the same year.

Soon these two products would be unavailable in the company’s physical stores too

Well as of now, it is the iPod touch which is the only device listed on the Apple company’s website under the music category and this gadget was last updated in the year 2015.Along with the announcement of the discontinuation of these two devices, the company also revealed that there is an updation in the storage capacity of the iPod touch. Well these two products were actually the cheapest iPods and they have already been removed from the online stores of the Apple Company. Soon these products would also be unavailable in the physical stores of the company.

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