Acronis New Version of Mac Data Recovery



Regardless of the opinion of IT departments, Macs in the enterprise are a reality. Its sales are always high. Many experts see the advantages of enterprises moving to a more user-centric model. Employees are free to use their workstation of choice. However, Macs in the companies also present major compliance issues and threatens business community if left unprotected. Obviously, IT department needs a solution which can resolve the financial, legal and bottom-line risks of Macs in enterprise. Recently, Acronis released an architecture that seamlessly integrates Mac backups into data protection strategy. It does not affect the user or administrator experience. Acronis True Image Unlimited protects Macs and digital life. It is the only professional grade full system supporting both local and cloud backup.


Key Features of Acronis True Image for Mac

  • Full System Image Backup: The complete system image consisting of all apps, user accounts, files, exact configurations and even the operating system in one compressed file can be easily backed up.


  • Smart Scheduling: One can decide the time and frequency to back up the Mac. Once the schedule is set, it starts working automatically in the background.


  • Easy Recovery: Recovery is no longer a challenge. One can get Mac to its original position without any need to re-install operating system manually or use additional tools. One can even create one’s own rescue media

  • Parallels Compatible: Virtual machines back up used to be hard. The issues have been resolved. Even if one works with parallels desktop 9 or later, virtual system is backed up precisely the same way as your Mac.


  • Cloud Backup: It is the most promising feature. One can save entire system to a secure online location and access it anytime, anywhere. Besides, different cloud storage plan can be chosen ranging from 250 GB to 1 TB.


  • Back Up: Backups can be stored encrypted and compressed to ensure safety and take up 3 times less space. The latest edition adds Bootcamp support, is compatible with fusion drive, file vault 2 and works with Mac OSX 10.10.

    Other Additional Features

  • Storage Media: True image works perfectly with nearly all storage media, including time capsule, NAS and more.
  • Rescue Media: one can create one’s own recovery environment on any external drive and restore entire system even if Mac cannot boot.
  • Retention Schemes: History of ten last system states can be kept to roll back to different points in time whenever needed.
  • Flexible File Recovery: Files and folders can be chosen to restore and also get them back straight away, without having to restore entire system.
  • Full System Restore from the Cloud: Entire disk image can be backed up to the cloud. Afterwards, it can be restored in a snap when required.
  • Personal Key Encryption: Passwords could be set for all backups. This ensures only authorised access. Backups are kept safe with personal key encryption technology.
  • Advanced Backups: One can capture only changes made after an initial image backup and save time and storage space.

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