Tenorshare Data Wipe


Disposing or recycling data from hard drive can be a tricky task. Secured disposal of data and information is critical in today’s world. Tenorshare Data Wipe truly erases the data firstly. The software has the remarkable ability to permanently wipe private and confidential data from all hard drive and external storage including programs, personal data, virus and etc. The military grade wipe technology makes sure that it is impossible to recover erased data even with the most powerful tools. Besides, there is no harm done to the storage capacity. The software is reliable with capabilities to delete partitions, folders and specific files permanently from hard disk drive as well as other storage devices. The software offers three data elimination modes – wipe partition, wipe specific folders and wipe files.
Key Features:


Permanent Data Destruction: Private records are protected from falling into wrong hands. There are cases when the user wants to sell or donate computer without any compromise on internal data. The software comes handy in such situations. Moreover, infected computer can be cleaned by wiping out malware, viruses and other dangerous infections.


Completely Erases all Data: The tool allows erase programs, data and operating system from hard drive securely and completely. Data can be wiped absolutely from external hard drive, memory card (SD card, CF card, XD card), USB flash drive, mobile phone, digital camera, pen drive etc. The software also removes all traces of a virus, malware and other infections to start fresh and improve the performance of computer.


Three Data Wipe Modes: There are three data wipe mode as per the requirement and demand.

  • Wipe Partition: Erase data in one partition at a time to save time.
  • Wipe Folders: Shred files in a specific folder.
  • Wipe Files: Permanently delete particular files.


Wipe Partition: This mode helps in wiping out all sensitive data included or contained in one partition. Steps to wipe data in a specific partition have been listed below:

  • Step 1: Select wipe partition mode on the main interface


  • Step 2: It lists all the partition available. One can highlight the partition one wants to wipe out all the data in it and then click next.datawipe-3
  • Step 3: Click “yes “in the warning window to confirm operation. During the process of wiping one can click stop button to end up deletion action. If one wants to continue erasing then click “start” to continue
  • datawipe-4
  • Step 4: Click “Save as” to keep wiping records as per the wish. In case, one is not willing to save the record, click “close” to finish partition wipe
  • datawipe-5
    Wipe Specific Folders: This mode helps in wiping data in individual folders. Steps to erase data in individual folders have been listed below:
  • Step 1: Select “Wipe Specific Folders” mode.
  • Step 2: In the next interface, Click “add” to select folders on hard disk or other storage device one would like to erase. In case one changes the mind and don’t wish to wipe folder then check it and click “remove”. Click “Next”.
  • datawipe-6
  • Step 3: In the warning pop up window, click “Yes” to proceed with erasing.
  • Step 4: Click “save as” to keep wiping records as per the liking. In case one is not willing to save the record, click close to finish folder wipe.
  • datawipe-8

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