Looking to be resuced from the tiring task of Data Recovery?



If you are thinking of a solution where you can prevent the case of data loss instantly so that you would not have to search for a recovery software and than spend your time and money on recovering the data, here is the solution for you Farstone TotalRecovery Pro.

What does Farstone TotalRecovery Pro does:

Farstone TotalRecovery Pro is an essential and must have software which creates regular backuos of your data, it not only backups your files or folders but also System files and partitions of your hard drive allowing you to save all your backups to cloud our your local server.

Features of Farstone TotalRecovery Pro:

  • In any case of data loss or system failure just select the last know working condition and restore the system to working state.
  • Backup boot devices settings
  • Repair tools for repairing boot issues
  • Option to Export logs & jobs
  • Enhancements:
  • Create bootable USB (CD) from current system (Dynamic PE generation)
  • Enhance backup to clouds, such as SkyDrive, Google drive, and Dropbox
  • Support Windows Encryption File System (EFS)
  • Support VHDx virtual machine
  • Max performance with true 64-bit
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