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In todays world we deal with huge amount of data and always keeping on processing data, but you never know you are in middle of a huge project and somehow you forgot to save the file even once and in the mean time there is system crash or virus attack and all your files are lost since you never saved the files you loose them. But this problem can be solved with a data backup software.

What is a data backup software?

Data backup software works on regular intervals and saves all your data in forms of snapshots, which you can use to restore the data which was lost due to various reasons

Features of Rollback Rx

  • Instant Restoring of your system to a specified time
  • FREE version for Windows XP
  • Available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows Server also
  • No Effect on computer performance works with minimal system resources
  • Works with VMware and Virtual machines
  • Virtually Supports Unlimited Snapshots
  • 256 bit AES snapshot encryption prevents data theft even if laptop is stolen
  • Restore even if the Operating System has crashed
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