Kernel Split PST



The Kernel for PST split is one ingenious tool specially developed to split PST files for handling issues like server performance,2 GB file limitation and mismanagement of PST. The inbuilt algorithm of the software drives the PST split process in less time and with more accuracy. It also preserves metadata of emails like to, from, Cc, Bcc, date, time etc. Some of the key features of the tool are listed below:


Better options to Execute Split operation: Significant features like split PST based on sender’s Email ID, extracted selected folders in the single PST, split PST on the basis of date and size and create a separate PST for every folder are some of the intuitive options configured in the software interface to provide maximal alternatives to fine tune the modified PST files.


Split Every Single Data Item: The extra smart algorithm of software scans profoundly into the depths of PST and delivers the split versions of every single data items like calendars, journals, contacts, inbox, outbox, deleted items, drafts and sent items. Moreover, one can manage all these files and can send data files across the network to share with other user without any restrictions.


Filters File Function: The kernel for PST split software offers the unique advantage of selecting PST files that falls within the desired data range of the calendar. The software has inbuilt facility to modify the PST files searches with the help of pre-defined time period and define time period manually options. One can search for year old PST files and can also filter the PST files by specifying the start date and end date.


Deal with Password protected Files: Even if the PST files are configured with complex and strong passwords, one can smartly split PST files by using the options of addressing the password protected PST files in the kernel for PST splitter software itself. User need to check mark the file is password protected option and need to specify the correct password of PST in the mentioned text book.


Basic steps to perform PST split operation: Kernel for PST split is an excellent application which helps in managing the large PST files with ease. The software has an automated process and contains an interactive graphical interface that helps to run the utility without any training. One can perform the PST split operation by selecting the PST file, configuring various settings and saving the final miniature versions of a large PST file in the specified location. Some of the important steps one need to follow are listed below:


Step 1: In this step click the select file option and then click the next button in the kernel for PST split operation.


Step 2: In this step select the required PST data items from the left panel and check the required split option radio button.


Step3: In this kernel for PST split windows, select the date range to specify the time period for which one will require the PST files and click next to complete the operation.


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