Is you Data Safe in your Laptop?



In todays world with all these virus threats, data loss situations and hardware damage risks I believe our data is never safe even not in our personal computer.

So what are we supposed to do just use the computers and wait till we are affected and than lookup for solutions what can be done to recover the Data? No we are not. We can take precaution and always be safe that our data is safe and protected always.

Best Solution to Prevent Data Loss:

Use of Cloud Storage to save data. Now we have question in mind are we supposed to save our data and upload the same to cloud every day? Thats not possible we might forget someday to upload the data to cloud and the arrow strikes and boom our data is gone.

Use of Cloud Storage Clients on your machine saves you from this risk of lossing data.

Best Options Available in the Market today are:

  • Google Drive:
  • Google Drive is the best Cloud Storage Option out there you can save literally anything in the storage, with every free Google account you get 15GB of storage and if you literally want to live on cloud you can get 1TB of space at a minimal monthly cost.

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  • iCloud:
  • iCloud is the Cloud service from Apple, which is available when you purchase a Apple product, by default you get 5GB storage and you can again purchase according to your needs.

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  • Dropbox:
  • Dropbox is a pretty good option available now many office have started using the same to share files inter departmentally, you get free space of 2GB and some space with each inivitee but you can always go for the paid version, if your requirement is high.

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  • Onedrive:
  • Onedrive is a service provided by Microsoft with every Microsoft account, you get 5GB free space and offcourse you can purchase as per your needs, it was previously called as Sky Drive.

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  • Box:
  • Box is also another Cloud storage service provide in which for a free account you get 10GB of space.

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  • Comodo Backup:
  • Comodo Cloud Storage provides you 10GB Free space per user for 90days.

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  • Crash Plan:
  • Crash Plan offer a Free account for 30 days.

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  • MyPC Backup:
  • MyPC Backup offer you storage space starting from 75GB on a monthly fee.

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