Are Backups Safe?



Long back in 2000 when my Dad got me my first computer I had used it a lot and had lots of Data collected over few years and since the Hard Drive Storage was pretty limited to 40GB I had to clean up the Hard Drive to make space for new stuff but didnt want to loose my data so I just went ahead and created Backup DVD’s and named them and kept them safe.

Few days back wanted to see my pics with my school friends so just took out a DVD from the box and tried to look into it, but I was not able to either the pictures were not readable or the disks were not even responding and my system stuck, then I felt I had lost all my childhood memories and was became sad.

So how are we supposed to protect our data DVD’s fail even today we cant see anyone using a DVD any more down the lane after 10 years DVD would be gone out of market as the Floppies did, kids now just see floppies in books as the ancient storage devices

Dont loose your memories like me just go ahead and plan something strong have backups for your backups so you dont loose your memories.

Why is data lost inpite of taking the best care of our devices

Data is lost over with time as humans do, humans age and died so is data which ages but how? Data is lost because of Data Degradation.

How are we supposed to do that when backups are no longer secure

We can store all our data in Cloud Storages to protect them from Data Degradation.

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