How to Migrate OST files to PST files



Looking for a Solution to convert you Outloook OST file to Outlook PST file, here is the perfect solution.

But why and when would you need converting your files from OST to PST, here are few scenarios where the conversion is required:

1) Leaving an Orgnanization and you need to take the contacts with you but the are saved in OST file thus you can’t open them outside you organization and you need to convert OST to PST (Before taking away the contacts or any other official files please do contact your organization IT Team to know about the policies)

2)MS-Exchange Server crashed due to virus attack, power failure, or some other reasons, in that case you need to convert the OST to PST file as you will not be able to connect to the Exchange Server thus not able to use your Email.

3)Sometimes the Exchange Server stops working due to some reasons or is under scheduled maintenence and you will not be able to contact the Exchange Server thus not able to use the Email and requiring OST to PST Conversion.

4) Conversion from OST to PST helps you in migrating the data when you are shifting your system or are assigned a new computer to work on

5)You are receiving some errors on your Outlook most common one is the OST file is not found, this happens even in the case when you aretrying to set the account with different user on the same system. Example you are user A now and using the Outlook and some how you need to provide the A account to someone else and you try to setup the Outlook on new B account on the same system error pops up, you need to convert OST to PST in this case.

6) Corruption of the OST file you are using thus causing you not use Outlook anymore in this case you need conversion from OST to PST

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