How to Convert a PDF to Excel?



I recently came across a very useful directory which contained a lotof information, but i was not able to use it as the information was first created in Excel and then saved as PDF and made available on internet

You might also have come across this many times, but always you start searching online how to convert it to Excel again so that you can use the information.

All you need to do is just follow the below mentioned steps and you can convert the PDF to Excel in few steps

What all you need to convert PDF toExcel

  • PDF file which was created in Excel and saved as PDF (Offcourse you need the file)
  • Adobe Acrobat, for those who already have its ok, If you don’t you can DOWNLOAD Trial Version HERE
  • Just Follow the Below Mentioned Steps and convert your PDF to Excel

    1) Install Adobe Acrobat

    2) Open the desired file with Adobe Acrobat

    3) Click File Menu and go to Save As and Save the file as Excel WorkBook

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