Visual Studio 2017


Visual studio 2017. What is new?


Develop applications for Android, iOS, almost all kinds of windows and cloud

Visual Studio 2017 makes it easier for the users to develop mobile apps for almost all types of operating systems. Users can now code faster, debug and can diagnose with lot of convenience .One of the important thing you will notice while using the visual studio 2017 is that it is altogether a new kind of setup experience. It will impart an extremely light and modular installation experience to the users. In fact you can also customize the studio by developing your own extensions.


Have a look at some of the premium features of the Visual Studio 2017 below:


Build smarter and faster apps

It has new features like live dependency validation and also enhancement to the many popular features like the code navigation ,intelligence that save lots of time and efforts of the user irrespective of whatever the language or the platform he is using.


Finding and fixing the bugs quickly

There is a whole new improvement in the entire process of debugging now and the issues can be addressed and fixed at the earliest. Users can find out the root cause of the bugs and its Run to Click feature will tighten the DevOps loop which the reduction in the regression risks too.


Integration with the cloud

The built in tools that visual studio 2017 is having will allow complete integration with the .NET core or the Azure applications etc and this experience is so amazing that it will impart you the experience of working from the Azure data centre itself.


Effective collaboration

This feature allows the direct and effective management of your team projects which are hosted by the provider. Users can use the new and innovative open any folder tool and he can easily open and carry out the working with virtually any type of the code file.


Develop best in class mobile apps

Through the utilization of its advanced debugging feature, it’s profiling and unit test generation feature allows users to develop tune and connect the native mobile applications for the android and all other types of the windows.


Support to all kinds of latest programming languages

When you are working on the Visual Studio 2017 then you will get full support for all kinds of programming languages that are in use like the Visual basic, C++ or the Typescript and you are going to get the best in class support for all your development work.


Optimize your performance

This latest version of visual studio incorporates all core features that will help you to improve your performance. There is a quicker start up time, low memory footprints and you can get high responsiveness while carrying out your developmental work.


Develop software seamlessly to the targeted platform

With the help of the latest visual studio, you can develop robust software. You can also test on range of the physical devices using the Xamarin Test cloud feature.


It is easier and quicker for you to install the customised features

Visual studio 2017 makes it easier and quicker for you to install the features you need and it will impart the user an amazing set up experience. All kinds of installation options are categorized to represent the varieties of the frameworks, langauages and all kinds of platforms.

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