Employee engaging in unofficial activities is quite common in corporate world. As a result productivity of the employee and the company is severely affected. As per research data, it is concluded that 60-70% of the employees working online uses internet for personalized purpose at least once. Common observation is sending personal mails, playing games, online shopping, checking stock market price and even gambling. In many cases, even employees confess to all these activities. Hence, to keep a close eye on the desktop activities of employees, need of an efficient spy tool is quite evident. Using it, administrator can always monitor the employees. Kernel PC Spy Software use can notice abrupt improvement in employee’s efficacy and productivity.


The software allows monitoring of network activities from a remote place. From a single screen, live videos of multiple desktop users can be seen. Offline recordings are created which can be viewed later in AVI file format. One can perform real time monitoring of several monitors simultaneously. Use of the software results in increased efficacy and productivity. Enhanced productivity is a direct result of extra attention towards work, minimum personal web activities and reduced time wastage on computer games. Some of the advantages of using the software are listed below:

  • Employee productivity is increased immensely
  • Protection from fraudulent activities
  • Protection from intellectual property and trade secret theft
  • Record maintenance of company’s electronic communication
  • Features of PC Spy Software:

    Real Time Employee Surveillance:

    The software helps in watching employee activities in real time, thereby enabling knowledge about employees in the network. The software interface is quite easy to use and can be installed in a domain or non-domain based network environment computers with authorized administrative rights.

    Invisible Desktop Monitoring:

    The software runs as a background service in monitored computers and check the activities of employees. Besides, one can install agent set up file remotely on the targeted computer and monitor activities in real time. One can select and register as many computers as one want to monitor.

    Allows Supervising Dual Monitor:

    Spy software has been designed cleverly to enable the administrator to monitor desktop activities on the computers with dual monitors.

    Complete Control Over Monitored Computer:

    Administrator can have total control over the monitored computer as he can view every activity being executed or performed. Moreover, administrator can open and terminate any application, lock, shut down as well as restart the monitored computer with a single click.

    Schedule Offline Recordings:

    One can schedule offline recordings of the target computers even without physical presence. It is possible to set different scheduling times and parameters as well as recording time duration for each target computer in a network or in the work group. Saving offline recordings helps in ensuring storage for later purposes.

    Send Notification and Instant Messages:

    One can send monitoring notification on the target computer so that employees are aware about being monitored. Moreover, one can send instant message on the target computer.

    Performs fast and Real Time Monitoring:

    Irrespective of employees computer operating system, the software performs speedy desktop monitoring to offer real time pictures of activities on employees computers.

    The trial version has some limitation and allows administrator to monitor only a single computer for seven days. Using demo version, one can view and record activities of the registered computer and record screen for 5 minutes. Full version of the software allows unrestricted use.

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