Exchange Server 2016 March Update


Exchange server 2016 brings along with it a new set of technologies, innovative features .The objective of exchange server 2016 is to provide support to the people and the companies for better communication with a focus on collaborative approach. It also helps the client to cut down the total cost of ownership and they can avail the new features that are listed in the new version of the exchange server .Exchange server 2016 is an evolution over its predecessor exchange and relies on office 365 exchange online service .The first cumulative support added more number of languages in the outlook and there are in fact 17 additional languages that will automatically appear once the exchange server update march 2016 is installed.

Coauthoring capabilities for attached files

  • There are certain specialized changes made to the update package .One update is the information disclosure bug which affects exchange 2016 when the Microsoft exchange analyzes the messages ,an email filter by pass will take place which will facilitate the information disclosure.
  • In terms of its features, the backend search capabilities of the exchange server is improved and also the e – discovery capabilities.
  • Also there is an expansion of add in capabilities of the outlook which helps the third party software developers by increasing the accessibility of their products in the message box.
  • The feature improvements can be viewed by the users through the outlook desktop 2016 client .there is also the provision of coauthoring benefits that are available for the attached files which are sent in the messages along with the editing capability with in the outlook.
  • The coauthoring capabilities are dependent upon the SharePoint server 2016 and the office 365 software subscription.
  • The difference in the exchange server 2016 from its preceding products is likely to become more prominent with the release of the share point server and the office online server.
  • So now users can create links to the share point server and stored documents from either the outlook desktop or outlook web client. There document links allows the coauthoring capabilities.
  • Relies on office 365 exchange online service

  • One of the essential things which is recommended while installing an exchange server is to configure the certificate which makes the access of the web based mail safe, secure and authenticated and is largely recommended for the companies as well as the individuals.
  • If one tries to access the browser after installation of the exchange server, error appears and to avoid it one needs to have public/private certificate. .However the change surviving model is not altered in the exchange server 2016 and it is based on the same pattern as in exchange 2013.
  • One feature that doesn’t find inclusion in the exchange 2016 is the lack of search indexing from the passive which means the ability to read from the passive copy of the data base.
  • The feature is not described anywhere however there is planning to come up with this feature in the coming future updates.
  • It is strongly recommended that the users thoroughly test the updates before actually deploying a particular exchange server in their production environment.
  • Utilizes Resilient File System that minimize document corruption

    Exchange server 2016 is a kind of evolution in its previous versions and is built on the office 365 exchange online services which facilitate the server products to attain benefit from the cloud learning service. Also it relies on the usage of resilient file system (RFS) which has the tendency to minimize the exchange system document corruptions.

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