Cloud CRM in the Small Business World



Cloud CRM refers any customer relationship management technology where CRM software, tools and company’s customer data are located in the cloud. CRM is delivered to the end-users through the internet. CRM can be accessed via web based tools. The system administrator already defines access levels across the enterprise. Members can log into the CRM system from any internet enabled computer or device. Generally, an app is provided enabling smartphone and tablets use. Cloud CRM has a wider array of benefits for small companies compared to large corporations.


Small businesses, generally, don’t beat around the bush when it comes to choosing software. First and foremost concern is affordability, due, to crunch of resources. The software should be user friendly and problem centric. It should target specific business needs. Besides, CRM should be accessible day and night. Below listed are some benefits of Cloud CRM:

Hassle free Installation: General perception about CRM is the complicated installation process that involved with it. Modern cloud based CRM is worry free. It can get running in no time. Only pre-requisite is good speed internet connection. Afterwards, one can sign online and use it. Moreover, there is no need to pay for hardware, software maintenance and server. There is also no need to have a permanent technical guy on site. All these things are remotely managed.

Seamless Access: Continuous accessibility is the greatest asset of Cloud CRM. Cloud CRM provides access to system from anywhere – on a train, in the office; and on any device – be it a laptop, desktop, a smartphone or a tablet. Once again all that is needed is internet connection. Employees have access to central data base all the time, even outside working hours, which is particularly handy for small businesses. In short, Cloud CRM offers greater flexibility and freedom.


Ease of Use: Cloud CRM is extremely easy to use. Once the software product is purchased at a fixed price, one can log in with the access code provided. System maintenance along with other minor glitches is the sole responsibility of vendor.

Affordable Product: Reasonable cost is another plus for Cloud CRM. It does not put too much strain on the financial resources of a small company. Cloud CRM operates, typically, on pay as you use subscription model. It requires minimal upfront investment. Consequently, risk reduces to a great extent. Besides, there are no hidden costs like buying extra piece of hardware or licence fees.


High Security Levels: Security is the prime concern for anyone using web based information storage system. Most common factor preventing companies from adopting cloud solution also known as software-as-a service or (SAAS), is security concerns. Companies offering CRM cloud takes the security issue utmost seriously. Providers of Cloud CRM also offer advanced automatized back-up policies and have clear data recovery plans if a breach happens.


Reliable operation: As a business starts operating, reliability of a product assumes greater role. No one desires a product, running smoothly on a single day, malfunctioning other time. It could lead to financial meltdown in case of small companies. Cloud CRM is free of such reliability issue.


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