The best tune-up utilities of 2017


The tune up utility deeply digs into your PC and improves its performance

When we buy new computer, we enjoy fast start-up time along with the speedy operations but this is something which doesn’t last for long. Every system eventually slows down and this is where the role of the tune up utilities comes into picture. The tune up utility is that kind of application which deeply digs into the system and then it carries out the fixation of all the trouble areas. There are various functions which are performed by the tune up utilities for example the defragmentation of the PCs hard drive, repair of the problematic windows registry and also deletion of all the crap, useless and also the duplicated files from the system. Some tune up utilities are just performing the basic functions while some others have extra added features to keep your PC up to date and improve its functionality and speed.

Check out some of the best tune up utility software of 2017

AVG Tune Up

In case your computer is not running in proper manner then this software will surely improve the performance of your system. It is going to dig deep into your system and carry out many functions which include removal of junk files, uninstallation of the undesired programs, defragmenting the hard drives etc.

Lolo System Mechanic

This can be utilized when the PC is not booting or in case it is not loading applications then you can download it. This tune up utility will improve the performance of your PC by carrying out the defragging of the hard drive.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

This is fully compatible with the windows 8 computer and it is kind of tune up utility which uses the panel driven interface. It carries out the assessment of the numerous features of the application. Either the features can be run one by one or users can also click the “quick care” which is quite easy and is the one click cleanup.

Slimware Utilities SlimCleaner Plus

This is quite average tune up utility system and it leads to the improvement in the overall performance of the PC.It repairs the problematic windows registry, carries out the defragging of the hard drive and also deletes the junk files. It can go extra miles too as it includes the community based recommendations. This one is quite easy to use and is embedded with the amazing clean up chops.

Look out for paid up utility that has no installation limits

Looking up at the price of the tune up utilities, companies grant one license per purchase and this allows the user to carry out the installation of the software on one system. It works well if you are the owner of a single device but when user is the owner of multi computers then it might put a dent in his pocket. Some companies also impart the multi licenses packages too but they are also a bit pricey. User should always look out for the paid up utility which has no installation limits.

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