New Snagit


Create remarkable videos and image in reduced time


Snagit is a high end tool for screen capturing and screen recording and it combines the screen shots, image editing and videos to facilitate the sharing of crucial information with people all around the world. Showing pictures to people is a lot easier than telling them stories and new Snagit serves as a dynamic editor which helps the users to turn the simple screen shots in to crisp, clear images. Visuals are essential for online communication and by sending images and videos, one can clearly communicate in much lesser time and by replying with the help of marked up videos and clear images there will be faster communication.


Capture relevant information quickly

  • Snagit offers an innovative and much easier strolling and image capturing method which is suitable for both PC and MAC. With the release of another upgraded version of Snagit, clients can have full control over what they capture and that too even when it is off screen.
  • With the complete reinvention of the image capture and editing technology the improved version of the product can be completely customized and serves as a premium tool for image capture and recording on the user’s screen.
  • The newly added panoramic feature enables the users to capture the entire webpage and there is also inclusion of the new features like crop and text tools which helps in the effective manipulation of the captured images and leads to better picture quality.
  • The new version of the Snagit is perfect for its use in wide variety of departments across various industries and all its tools are quickly accessible with the new capture tool feature which is being exclusively designed for the inclusion of panoramic scrolling capture that allows the users to capture wide or tall images and also gives the flexibility of horizontal scroll and scrolling the webpages. In fact varied webpages can be captured at once rather than individually.
  • The short bits of videos can be captured with the upgraded video capturing tool which comes with the improved webcam recording and the new Snagit version is available with the improved video capabilities that enable the users to capture and create high end videos.


Seamless full screen image capture

  • With new Snagit users can get the seamless full screen image capture and that too on monitors as large as 4K size. Thus it is an ultimate screen tool which helps in the creation of graphics that looks great with highly customized and innovative editing features that gives users an extraordinary experience.
  • There are large number of new tools which have been added to the editor of the latest version of Snagit that includes the color picker, auto resize canvas and magnifying tool etc.
  • With a single click by the user, videos can be exported as animated GIF and along with all the all the innovative features the product has, it offers enhanced performance and develop a clear, crisp videos and brilliant image results on large monitors too.
  • Users can also write comments over the screen shots with the use of text boxes and can point out the important information using arrows or other shapes. There are great performance enhancements which have been made in the product to speed up all the processes and one can deal with more number of images and videos at one time.


Control everything you capture

New Snagit helps in the achievement of personalized productivity with the complete automation of the most frequent captures with presets and with full personalized arrangement of the tools and effects, one can fully optimize the workflow and the client is able to work in a faster and much efficient manner.


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