How to Sync a phone with Windows 10?


Do you want to sync your smart phone or tablet with windows 10 computer?

Are you looking to sync your smart phone or tablet with the windows 10 computer? These days it is quite easy to achieve the syncing and you can transfer the data .This has become possible due to the Phone Companion App which was released two years back by the Microsoft. For all those people who just wonder that why there is a need of syncing the iOS and the android based mobile phones, the reason is that the user is required to set up the syncing process. There is also a requirement of the windows live account too which needs to be verified.

Let’s check out few of the steps to syn your phone with the windows 10

  • First you have to connect your phone to the PC with the help of the USB cable. This way the windows 10 will identify your device itself and it will begin installing the required USB drivers too.
  • Download the phone companion app and later you have to select the platform of the device for example android or iOS.
  • Once you have logged in, you will be getting a download link which is being dropped in your email. Click on the link and you will be able to download the app for the android .Also you can sought out this app with the help of the Google play store.
  • Carry out the installation of the app on the smartphone.After that you have to prelaunch it. Later you have to key it to the windows live ID details too.
  • Sign in into your account and then you can follow the instructions. Also you have to provide the requisite permit for running the application too.
  • When there will be setting up of the Phone Companion app, you can go to your PC and look for the confirmation box which will be acknowledging that you have signed up into the One Drive app on your device.
  • The next step is the user has to confirm the camera upload settings to your mobile phone. You have to tick the box for that, click the next and then click done for finishing the process.
  • Now the user can easily sync all the data from his mobile phone to the windows 10 PC.Even for syncing some other types of the compactable applications with this Phone Companion app, you have to repeat the same steps again

Get your data on your windows 10 PC by using the phone companion app

The Phone Companion App has been specifically designed to convince the mobile phone users to bridge the gap which is there between the handsets as well as their PCs.The Microsoft company has been utilizing this app for advertising its products to all those people who are planning to buy the Windows 10 based PC in the coming times. This app will be helping the users to get set up so that all their content can get transferred on their Windows 10 device without the need of the cables.


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