How to improve Windows 10 Performance


Maximize the efficiency of latest version of windows 10

Microsoft has introduced its latest operating system called as windows 10 which has many latest and upgraded features in it and the company has done everything to make windows 10 faster and better as compared to the previous versions. The innovative features that are available in windows 10 makes it highly reliable and user friendly and it is much more powerful and faster in comparison to the older versions of windows 10.Many new features have been introduced in the latest version of windows 10 to make it faster and improved.

Booting takes few seconds

Few years back when users used the windows XP and windows 10, it took much more time to boot but now with the utilization of the hybrid booting system in windows 10, booting can be done within few seconds. By using various tips and tools one can always make windows 10 more efficient and its performance can be improved by manifold.

The following are the tips which can lead to the improvement in the performance of the latest version of windows 10.

  • Disable animation and shadows effect
  • The shadow and animation effects makes the windows look pretty but they somehow affect the performance of the windows too. These features put an extra load on the system and on the memory RAM and can cause reduction in the performance too .So now when you will disable the shadow and animation effect, you will find that the performance of your computer will be improved and the windows 10 will work faster.

  • Stop unnecessary services running in background
  • There are many services that run in the background of any type of operating system. No doubt these services are essential for an operating system but they retard the preface and make the system works slower. One can disable all the unnecessary applications like IP helper, offline files, remote assistance, diagnostic policy service etc. Remember stop only those services that are unnecessary and not the one that are relevant to the operating system .For stopping a service user needs to right click and stop option will appear .Click on the stop option and the service will enter into the stop mode.

  • Stop the unnecessary startup programs in windows 10
  • Earlier when the windows 8 was launched ,a new tab was provided in the task manager by the name of startup tab and the same tab is also available in windows 10 too. There are certain start up programs that will run automatically once the window starts. User can stop the unwanted startup programs and if a user wants to disable any start up program, he needs to select the program and click on the disable icon and in this way performance of the windows 10 will be enhanced automatically.

  • Defragment the C drive
  • Defragmenting the C drive is another way to boost the windows performance. However SSD’s doesn’t require any kind of defragmentation and unless and until the user is using a more advanced file systems he needs to do some sort of defragmentation of the C drive.

  • Empty recycling bin
  • Non used files are transferred to the recycling bin so that one can recover the deleted files anytime whenever needed but if one wants to maximize the HDD space then one should permanently delete the unwanted files and documents. For doing this, one has to right click recycle bin icon and then carry out the selection of the empty recycling bin option and click yes to perform the task.

    Follow simple instructions and improve performance

    Sometimes due to unnecessary files or unwanted programs that run into the system, the performance of the system is reduced. Using simple instructions one can easily improve the performance of the updated version of windows 10 installed into the user’s system.

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