CleanMyPC is a powerful and easy to use application for keeping the PC clean and organized. The application gets rid of files that are occupying valuable space and slow the computer down. In simple terms, it is the best app for cleaning up PC. Clean PC allows scanning of each and every inch of computer with just one click. Automatic PC Clean up selects only the 100% safe files to delete. Hence, one need not worry about the wrong files being erased Critical System files, recent backups and other similar items are excluded from scan and clean. It is a high quality software product designed according to strict standards of Microsoft.


Scanning: During the scanning the application analyzed hard drive to find files which can be safely removed. They are divided into four different categories- caches and logs, help files, extra languages and trash & junks.

Caches & Logs: While running Windows and applications store unusually large amount of data on the hard drive to expedite load. These chunks are better known as cache files. However, some of the times the applications do not remove the files. Although some of the apps comes with an in -built cache control mechanism, the majority of them leaves a significant amount of data on hard drive. CleanMyPC can identify the files which need to be deleted. Log files record the activity of windows and applications and are usually used for informational process. Removing such files will not affect the functionality of applications but might recover the hard drive

Help Files: Most of the applications have help files that contain information about program functionality and workflow. One can safely remove help files for the applications that are being used freely. CleanMyPC allows selective removal of help files by clicking the corresponding help files section of the sidebar and checking only which has to be removed.

Extra languages: There are some applications which comes with an in built language translations. This only influences interface translations – one can still type the text in any language within the app. Since user wants application in one language only, one can safely remove the rest of the space. CleanMyPC will scan computer and find applications which have multiple language translations offering to remove extras. If needed, one can check the application translations to be cleaned.

Trash & Junk: In this process Clean PC scans for various files that cannot be accessed on own but still can be removed. These includes – Restore points (back up
Files created by windows. The latest restore point will not be removed by Clean PC to ensure one can always recover the system), recycle bin folders located on all hard drives, crash reports (files created by applications and windows when something crashes, application quits or a critical error occurs.

Additional Utilities: Besides the cleaning and scanning features, CleanMyPC comes with a set of in built utilities which are aimed to keep the computer reliable, clean, faster and work like a new one.

Secure Erase: Simply removed files to and from the recycle bin can still be brought back by third part data recovery software. Sometimes one need to remove files for good and this is where secure erase comes into picture. Files and folders removed with secure erase cannot be recovered. This is achieved by rewriting files with zeroes multiple times before permanently removing them from hard drive.

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