BullGuard Internet Security


There are several companies offering brilliant anti-virus software. BullGuard has carved a niche for itself in the last decade. BullGuard internet security consist a powerful online and local backup system as well as a variety of useful bonus features. Evolution is one of the key elements in the security industry. The new version has to be better than the previous version to impact the market. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the latest version of BullGuard. Nevertheless, the new version is still better than many other competitors. There are numerous colorful panels dominating BullGuard’s main window. Each panel is associated with a different security component. In case of a configuration problem with a component, the panel gets a red tinge. There is an action menu on each panel offering tasks related to that component. From antivirus panel, one can run various scans, view items in quarantine and also jump to setting page.



Simple and Secure Installation: The internet security inspects the entire system before installation. It also removes any active malware and adapts to system specifications. The process ends with a check ensuring installation of latest virus definitions. Within no time, BullGuard is running in the background ensuring the system is healthy and secured against any threats.

Easy to Use: Security management could not be easier with the help of BullGuard internet security. The all new design makes it exciting to use. Every feature has its own module panel. One simply clicks for the desired action and it happens automatically, whether it is a quick scan, backing up files or PC tune up. All the modules are on one page so that one can easily monitor the security status.

Stops All Malware Reaching the Computer: Malware comes in variety of shapes and disguises. Bullguard behavior detection technology stops it in its track. The software provides multi-layered defenses for PC that are virtually impenetrable. As a matter of fact, it keeps away worms, viruses, adware and other malicious programs. Moreover, it is constantly getting refined. New feature enhancement consists of stronger protection against stealthy root kits to stop computer from being remotely monitored. The software also provides protection against harmful ransom ware.

Powerful Parental Control: BullGuard parental control is a powerful and easy to use tool that helps to protect the children. Adult user can block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, monitor the activity of kids and even block certain applications. It also ensures children are safe from cyber bullying and stops them being exposed to inappropriate content. New improved features have also added extra protection. One will receive notifications and can also put in place controls that stop kids from sharing private information such as address.

PC Tune Up: User won’t have to wait again for getting the computer up and running. The software removes unnecessary files and frees up memory so that computer run faster. Boot manager provides the status of running applications while starting the computer. It also informs about the unnecessary applications so that it can be disabled. As a result, the computer starts running smoothly and fast. Cleanup Helper helps in cleaning up free space on the disk for smoother operation. It also provides information about redundant files and the space allocated by them.

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