Power DVD Ultra 15


Power DVD has retained its dominant position as the world’s top selling movie player for the last decade or so. Every new version from the design team has been a model of innovation in entertainment built on years of engineering perseverance. Power DVD Ultra 15 takes the experience further up for the customers. There are playback enhancements and format support additions that cannot be find in any other player. There is support for all media types including audio, video and photographic content. Power DVD Ultra 15 is an all purpose entertainment station. Users can enjoy media on PC, home networks, mobile devices, from the cloud and even social networks. The ultra version has augmented audio-visual quality, extended file format support, improved functionality and refinements to the user interface.



True Theater Color: Video footage are intelligently analyzed while the hues and vibrancy are properly optimized creating a magnificent viewing experience. True theater color recognizes skin tones in footage and applies only subtle adjustments to the areas in order to achieve improvements while retaining authentic coloring.

Smart Buffering for Smooth Playback: Power DVD intelligent media buffering engine ensures one does not have to deal with interruption, start- stop video playback especially when one is streaming video from a NAS device. Modern preloading techniques analyze and retrieve additional playback data so that media playback is not interrupted even if connection to storage device is degraded.

Ultra HD Video on Big Screen: Overlay rendering enables Power DVD to better render videos in accordance with the monitor it is being played on. When Power DVD detects a 4K video file and a 4K monitor, overlay mode is automatically engaged to optimize the rendering pipeline and reduce the graphic resource load delivering smooth lag free playback.

Bit-Perfect lossless Audio across more Formats: If audio devices are configured to match the source format then the Power DVD can provide bit-perfect lossless audio playback for even more audio format such as FLAC, ALAC, WMA and MP3. It allows the user to bask in the pleasure of lossless audio for more media including home video, movies, music disks and soundtracks.

Rip Audio directly from favorite Movie Moments: Power DVD new video scene selector allows selection of any video to bookmark so that favorite scenes can be quickly revisited. Besides, user can also rip audio directly from any video file allowing for songs or entire soundtracks to be saved as MP3 or AAC files.

Supports Extensive Range of formats: Power DVD Ultra 15 supports a wide range of audio, video and image file formats meaning one can play virtually any media. It supports the latest in video formats and codecs as well as offers unparalleled audio format support. Power DVD Ultra 15 stands alone when it comes to providing the all round entertainment experience for the home theater or PC/Laptop.

Smoothest Playback of Super High Frame Rate Video: Power DVD smart rendering technology allows playback of 120/240 fps videos which can record on the latest iPhone and GoPro devices. Automatic detection of the refresh rate of the computer allows Power DVD to adjust its decoding and rendering algorithm to produce smoother playback compared to other open source and commercial media players.

Player Personalization: User can start watching any program from the moment where it was left. Power DVD is easily customized so that one can have the desired look and feel.

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