New Version of Firefox


New Version of Firefox

Mozilla has actually introduced one of the biggest ever update to the Firefox web browser by the name of Firefox 57 or Firefox Quantum

The new Firefox is now faster than ever before with the release of the Firefox quantum or Firefox 57. It is two times faster than the previous version. It has been developed on a completely over hauled engine with the innovative technology .Well till date, it is one of the biggest update since the launch of the Firefox1.0 in the year 2004.It not only makes your entire web search experience quite a breeze but it will also be offering the innovative technical features too which makes it much better than the other browsers .So if you enjoy playing games online, then you can have an extra ordinary gaming experience without any kind of the issue with the game performance or its speed.

The new Firefox is faster than ever before

 There is also the incorporation of the built in functionality which has been specifically designed to recognize the browsing habits of the users thereby enabling them to surf the internet in a safe and secure manner. Also the new version incorporates the anti phishing along with the anti malware and anti spyware which has been integrated into the browser as a standard in order to keep the user completely protected from the Trojan Horses and also the fraudulent sites. So now you can browse the web at any time without putting your privacy and also your confidentiality at risk. The latest and the most advanced privacy features in the new update allow the user to gain full control of their information.

It will be offering innovative technical features which make it much better than other browsers

 If you install it, you will find the difference yourself .The first thing you are going to notice is its speed and you can just move on, open some of the tabs and can have fun with it. The second thing that you will come across is the New User Interface (UI) which is also called as the initiative photon. Its objective is to modernize and also to unite everything that we call as Firefox and at the same time you can take the advantage of the new high speed engine.

Now Firefox can handle large number of tasks without any kind of hiccups

This time Mozilla has actually introduced one of the biggest ever update to the Firefox web browser by the name of the Firefox 57 or the Firefox Quantum which is available for the download on the Windows, MacOS and also various Linus based computing systems .It is also available for download on all the android and the iOS based smart phones. This browser relies on the multi process model which means it will be allocating the additional tabs to multi thread which is being built within the core .This puts very less pressure on the resources of the system and facilitates the Firefox to handle large number of the tasks without any kind of hiccups.


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