Lepide Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration


Office 365 is not always a rosy affair. There are tricks and impediments at each and every step. Lepide migratory for exchange ensures a smooth operation. Hence, the IT managers all over the world rely heavily on it for the migration process. Lepide Exchange Server Migration Services provide remote, end to end solution for migrating exchange server environment to a new version and office 365. The man benefit of the software is the availability of a single console to do complete migration. Speed and ease comes naturally with it. There is definiteness in everything that is done.


Main Features

Migrate from Exchange Version to Office 365: Irrespective of the version of the Exchange, one can migrate to office 365 with ease and without any delay, risk or obstacle. While migrating to Office 365, one can create new mailboxes in office 365 from the application itself.

Migrate Anything: With the help of software, one can get migrated all user mailboxes. Besides, not only emails but also outlook rules and other items like contacts, calendar data can be migrated.

Pre-migration Analyzer: User can plan office 365 migration by knowing in advance the total migration time, speed of migration and when load sharing agents are free.

Automated hands-off Migration: Getting stuck or involved is a thing of the past. Migration job can be scheduled to run automatically whenever the user wants even during non-office hours.

Streamline Exchange data while migrating to Office 365: Only the important elements are migrated and the rest of unnecessary staff and data are left behind. One can also apply filters on item type, message date and mailbox folders to migrate only necessities.

Map Mailboxes Automatically: Exchange mailboxes are automatically mapped to Office 365. It can also be done manually or through CSV and one can create new mailboxes in office 365 if it does not exist there.

No Redundant Data : Duplicate mailbox observation after transfer is not very uncommon. With this software, there is no possibility of such scenario as each item gets tagged and therefore question of duplicate item never arises.

Speed up Migration by Load Sharing: Available resources should be utilized to its optimum value. Users simply need to add network computers and share migration load to realize a lightning fast migration.

Keep Mailboxes in Sync in Staged Migrations: Users planning staged migration should not worry about synchronization. Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes will be in sync until on premise exchange server is decommissioned. Source to destination, destination to source and two way synchronization can be achieved.

Co-existence between Exchange Server and Office 365: The tool supports co-existence between exchange server and office 365 for as long as required. Until one have moved all the user mailboxes to office 365, co-existence can be maintained between office 365 and Exchange.

Supports all Language: Enterprises or organization with mailboxes in different language can have a harrowing time during the migration process. However, with the Lepide mailboxes of different languages can be migrated with extreme easiness. English mailboxes can be migrated to any other language mailboxes and vice versa.

Reports on Migration: In depth report about migration details can be obtained. One can also know the speed, time and other facts. Migration process can also be checked and it can be started or paused right from the report console.

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