How to remove duplicate emails in Outlook?



General Microsoft outlook user with a few dozen or even a few hundred messages in inbox never come across duplicity issue. Duplicity of messages becomes worrisome when the size of inbox is approximately around 1000 messages. There are multiple emails stuck in various folders. One may not have a vague idea about the no. of duplicate messages stuck in Outlook. There are technical and manual reasons for the duplicity issue. An incorrect or interrupted synchronization with a laptop or mobile devices is a frequent reason. Sometimes, hiccup of the mail server produces duplicate emails. In rare scenario antivirus software may also create duplicate emails.

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Duplicate mails can be deleted manually. However, the task becomes challenging if the number exceeds hundred or may be thousand. There exists a variety of tools to deal with issue. Some are quick, simple and free. Others are sophisticated and flexible. Some common existing tools are Stellar Phoenix Outlook Duplicate Remover, SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover and Duplicate Remover. Some common features of the three tools are listed below:

Removal of Duplicate Email in Outlook: All the three software allows removal of duplicates after thoroughly scanning the mail box. It includes calendars, notes, tasks, journals, emails etc. If required one can check and uncheck the items for selective data de-duplication. Besides, a duplicate found can be flagged, deleted, moved or copied to folder of choice.


Personalized Action on Duplicate Emails: All the three software have the feature of personalized action. After listing of duplicate emails, various actions can be taken on them. These include flagging, deletion, mark as expired, copy to a folder, move to a folder, permanent deletion, flag removal etc.

Duplicate Emails Removal from Multiple Mailboxes: The first two tools provide options to select multiple no. of mailboxes at a time and remove the unwanted duplicate mails from all the selected mailboxes from MS outlook application. One can add a folder containing multiple PST files in it and the software would remove duplicates from each PST files as well as folders in it.


Generation of Detailed Log Report for Future Reference: Stellar Phoenix Outlook Duplicate Remover, SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover create a log report that stores all the details of the entire process. The store helps in analysing the activities in future. The log report provides information regarding duplicate copes of emails found during scanning.


Wide Range of Scan Criteria to find Duplicate Mails: All the software provides a wide array of matching parameters on the basis of which the software identifies the duplicate copy of mails from the selected boxes. List of scan parameters includes text, subject, sender email, sender name, recipient name, Internet header, attachment files, date and time of sending.

Interactive and Easy to Use: All three Outlook duplicate remover provides an interactive and simple user interface. Once Stellar Phoenix Outlook Duplicate Remover is installed, it appears as an add-in icon on the top left corner of Outlook application. This feature of software is extremely effective and helps in using the utility from within Outlook.

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