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The Mail app which arrives with Windows 8 is essentially a web mail system .It has no tools to set mail rules or automate spam deletion. These functions can be moved to mail server and whether it is Gmail, Exchange or Outlook one is expected to set the requirements on the server using a browser. Outlook users might also get confused with the absence of integrated contact list and calendars until realising that they are separate apps. However, they possess same degree of interconnection as Outlook. Mail app offers the general three column view of Outlook. Mail providers and folders are present in the first column. A list of Emails and contents of selected emails are present in third column.

Multiple mails can be selected by right clicking the mouse or making a tick gesture with a finger. A bottom meu will be popped up allowing movement of mails to other folder or mark them as read/unread. Trash icon at the top right of the screen can be used to delete mails.

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Clicking or selecting the reply or add button at the top right of screen will result in a full screen where message could be imposed. A scrollable list of matching people will be displayed on typing into to input field. One can also touch or click the plus sign next to the field to select directly from the people app.

While entering text, one can swipe up from the bottom or right-click to display the text-formatting controls. These allow for font selection, colours and emoticons. One may also save a draft, add attachment or paste information and image.

Adding or editing an account is available with setting charm. Account properties vary depending on the type of account and mail will support exchange or outlook accounts as well as the familiar Gmail. POP3 accounts cannot be supported. One may redirect mail from these accounts to Outlook.com or another web mail server. Microsoft suggested checking if Email provider supports IMAP or EAS instead. Nevertheless, limited support for POP3 accounts might cause difficulty for potential users.

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Account setting allows one to select the frequency of downloading Emails, type of content to sync including contacts and calendars. One used to the complexity of Outlook, with its multiple icons and menus as well as browser enabled mail system may find the deceptive simplicity of mail app confusing. For a mouse user, right click is no longer followed by menus instead select emails option is there.

Mail uses the new options of having multiple windows in an app very well. One getting a message with attached images could see the thumbnails as well. While clicking to open an image, the mail app calls the new photos app which gets a larger window automatically. This is a very cool feature unlike Outlook. If several images are attached there, one can click or swipe through them in the photos app without returning to mail each time.

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Mail App has exciting features for businesses as well. It is capable of supporting information rights management setting one can apply in to messages and documents and outlook. Thereby, if one is unable to forward, print or copy an Email or attachment, mail will not stop doing that. It can even stop one from taking a screen shot if it cannot be blocked in Windows 8.

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