Can my iPad replace my Laptop ?



Technology has really broken impossible barriers in terms of computer size. No one would have imagined computing devices fitting in palms. Starting from bulky computers of 70’s to sleek laptops of early 21st century to tablets of now a day, journey of computer hardware technology has been an exceptional one. Path breaking innovation has made computing on hand a real possibility. More and more people are preferring tablets over Laptops. Though, many corporations manufacture tablets, iPad has a special place in consumer mind and heart. Beginning from design and ending on latest in-built software, iPad is a coveted possession.


iPad has become so practical and powerful that it can easily replace Laptops. Below listed are some changes and modifications necessary for replacement:

Storing files: First and foremost concern while switching to iPad is accessibility to files present on laptops. The concern is valid. It can be easily addresses by keeping data in the cloud. For this purpose, Dropbox may be preferable over iCloud. Dropbox has the advantage of preserving traditional file structure and hierarchy. iCloud is good for personal use. However, Dropbox offers more extra organization and sharing option.

Internet Access: Storing everything in cloud means uninterrupted internet access to access the concerned files. This may prove to be biggest obstacle while going complete iPad. If one is planning to go iPad only, it would be worthwhile to have tethering enabled on the phone. Paying extra bucks for additional data is worth in the long term.


Syncing Calendars and Emails: After access to all files, synchronization of calendars, notes and emails is necessary. One needs to sync maximum possible data over the cloud. Emails can be synced over Imap. Adding or editing appointment on iPad, will be synced on iPhone and desktop. For syncing of notes, Evernote is advisable.Working on iPad allows notes to be captured on drafts. Notesy can be used to edit directly from dropbox.

Finding the Right Apps: Everyone have different needs and will require different apps. However, some things should be taken into consideration while installing a particular app. All apps dealing with files must have Dropbox support, if one is using Dropbox for cloud storage. Example: If the task manager is OmniFocus, then native OmniFocus app can be used too. It prevents any data conflict and corruption.


Other Hardware and Accessories: To maximize iPad productivity, some additional hardware and accessories is recommended. Navigating back and forth in browser, copying, pasting – all little keyboard shortcuts can make iPad much more convenient and efficient. Logitech Ultrathin is a viable option as keyboard. It performs dual role of keyboard and screen protector simultaneously. One worthwhile accessory is Grid-It. It keeps things organized while traveling. There are different models Cocoon 11 is a suitable one.


Pros and Cons of going iPad only

Tasks like editing images or video editing along with rendering are possible on iPad. However, it requires the speed of a desktop or laptop. Moreover, iPad does not support that much of automation. Example: Text expander is not very effective on iPad.

Of course, mobility is the biggest plus of iPad. One can literally take it anywhere and start working right there. Computing on the move is another dimension to iPad.

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