AOMEI Partition Manager


AOMEI partition manager is disk partition management software that has gained immense popularity among worldwide users. There are several powerful features that can completely control hard disk and partition. For example, extend partition wizard enables one to increase partition size to completely solve low disk space problem. User can also flexible manage disk space with resize partition, merge partition, split partition and copy partition. The software has been embedded with sector level data protection technology. Irrespective of the disk style (MBR or GPT) and disk size, the product is able to solve all the problems associated with disk partition.


  • Resize/Move Partition: Practically, illogical disk partition causes quite a few problems such as low disk space, poor disk space utilization and etc. AOMEI partition manager offers quick resizing of the partition without any data loss. The software accurately extends or shrinks the original partition size. Original data are not lost on partitions during the entire operation. The tool also supports move partition during resizing partition. File system such as FAT 32 and NTFS are duly supported. Last but not the least, the application supports partition alignment automatically for SSD if needed.
  • Merge Partitions: Merging of partitions is required for several reasons. If the system partition is low disk space but other partitions have much, merging of two or more partitions will be required to make the system partition bigger. The software allows merging of partitions in just two clicks. Before the merging operation, AOMEI partition manager offers copy wizard to back up all data in a safe place to avoid unexpected data loss. The tool can also merge unallocated space into a partition to increase the partition size and make the PC run faster.
  • Copy Disk Partition: In order to protect data when program crashes or unexpected situation comes or the data migration, the application has a new feature to copy disk and copy partition. In case one has a new disk and wants to move all the data from the old one to new one, the disk copy function is ready for you. Further if one is looking to migrate the whole disk, partition copy function is also available. There are two copy method available – quick copy and complete copy that are supported by AOMEI partition manager. The first one copies all existing files, the later one copy both available files and lost or deleted files from source disk to destination disk. The entire operation is called disk or partition clone.
  • Create, Delete and Format for Partitions: Brand new hard drive is made available by partitioning it. One can create new partition for it and store various data on it. User can also delete the unnecessary and useless partitions to reorganize the disk. In case one needs to change the file system (FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, ETC) or delete a pile of data, one can achieve it with formatting operation.
  • Some of the important features have been listed below:

  • If there is unallocated space on the disk, one can right click it to make new partition.
  • If there are already four primary partitions on a disk, one can still directly create new partitions on the disk.
  • The option to wipe all data to avoid recovering data with recovery software is available
  • The tool allows quick format and changing of cluster size of file system.
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