20 hottest chrome extensions


The Google chrome extensions enhance web browsing experience and improve internet security

The Google chrome has now become one of the most popular ways to browse the World Wide Web. With the help of the chrome extensions, users can improve their browsing experience and can make it more effective. You can actually check out some of the best chrome extensions and they are also known as the add ons or the plugins .These extensions will be enhancing your web browsing experience .They also improve your internet security and change the way you look and feel about a website. So you can get immense benefits from the range of chrome extensions which are available on the chrome web store itself.

Let’s check out the list of 20 hottest chrome extensions which are available today

Data Saver

This allows data compression for the efficient browsing experience. All those chrome browsers who are looking for the bandwidth savings can download this free add on by chrome.

Mercury Reader

With the help of this add on, users can get clean and easily readable versions of their favourite news, webpages .Mercury Reader strips out all kinds of surrounding web page clutter and imparts readable view to the users.


This add on upgrades the meeting preparations through the combination of calendar and contact management features

Gmail offline

This works as an offline tool which allows the users to actually view the content of mails and to type up urgent messages and queue them up when there is no internet connectivity.

Send to Kindle

This extension enables the users to send all kinds of content to their kindle account and it will be converted into clean and readable format.

Unshorten.link extension

This is going to take the user to an in between page when he clicks on the shortened link which is displaying the URL and it effectively deals with the clunky URLs.


This chrome extension can pull all the incoming tasks and all the notifications to a new tab page. You can drag and drop and organize your to do list in one convenient page.


With the assistance of this extension, the user can turn out a new tab page into his personalised dashboard. This adds on will be sending you personalised greetings, inspirational quotes and also quick links widget from all your favourite sites.


This works as the cross platform and a to do list application and user can seamlessly sync all the tasks and checklists from their mobile phones as well as from the pc.

Strict Workflow

This is a productivity enhancement app and it will be setting 25 minute countdown which will be blocking the extensions for the social networking sites. When the timer is over, there will be five minute break with unlimited access to the sites.


User can actually look for the collection of the soothing ambient sounds which will enable them to calm down and relax. It also promotes focus and mental clarity.

One Tab

All your open tabs will be compressed to a single tab page and this will allow you to flush all tabs from the browser.

Tab Wrangler

This adds on keeps a check on all the excessive tabs that sucks up the free memory of your system. It carries out the auto closing of the idle tabs after the regular time interval.


This chrome extension transforms your Gmail account into the productivity centre. It adds range of tools and builds task management system within the Gmail account.

Mighty Text

This add on will be bringing your smart phone and your pc quite closer and you will be able to sync all your SMS messages along with the notifications from your mobile phone to your system.


This works as an amazing addition to the already existing basic functions of your Gmail account. It allows you to send messages, set up your recurring mail messages and also to postpone mails.

The Great Suspender

This is an app which will monitor all the open tabs on your system. It will automatically unload the tabs which have not been utilized in a while from the memory.

Tab Cloud

With the assistance of Tab Cloud, you can save all your current open tabs to the cloud and then you can either open few or all the saved tabs to another system.

Turn off the Lights

This will be imparting users with the automatic atmospheric lightening for their online video viewing on the chrome browser.

Video Streaming

This is quite a handy chrome extension will enable users to stream all kinds of videos from their systems straight to the android TV without the need of any kind of media server software.

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