10 Essential Steps for Protecting Your Identity


10 Essential Steps for Protecting Your Identity

10 steps that can help you to protect your identity

Our private information is everywhere. There is no guarantee that you can never become the victim to the identity theft .Through the smart management of your personal information, you can actually keep your personal information safe and secure to a much greater extent. In today’s time, it is much important than ever before to proactively guard yourself from the theft.

10 steps that can help you to protect your identity as mentioned below:

Buy a document shredder

Well never ever discard your bank statement, your bills or any of your documents which comprise of your personal information. You can buy a document shredder and keep all your personal information safe from being leaked.

Power up the password

When a breach to any of the internet site takes place, it will be revealing your entire log in credentials .But you can always protect your password by using an extremely strong password for login in to such sites. You will also need a password manager for keeping the things straight.

Always lock the phone

The phone which is there in your pocket is actually the source of all your personal information. So you must always use an extremely strong authentication technique to lock your smart phone. The best bet in this regard is the bio metric authetification, fingerprinting or the facial recognition which is backed by the strong pass code.

Don’t over share

Sharing the posts and the pictures in the circle of the social media is quite a fun but there is a chance that your personal information might be shared with the identity thief too. Keep on checking the privacy settings as the social media services keep on making the changes in the security settings.

Lock your hardware

Set up the PC to require a password when the system is waking up from sleep or when it simply boots up. You should always make sure that your PC has the anti malware software. It will prevent the thieves from stealing your private information.

Set Google Alert for name

This is one technique with which you can keep an eye in case someone would be saying anything about you on the internet. You just have to communicate the Google what all needs to be looked at, kind of web pages to search and also the email address which Google can utilize to send you the information.

Turn on the 2 factor authentication

This 2 factor authentication is actually a way to add a kind of the extra layer of security to the account. When a user log in, he gets a onetime pass code which is send to his phone or there might be the authentication apps just like the Google’s authenticator but it can also be hijacked sometimes to steal private information.

Beware of spam emails

The spam emails sometimes ask you to reply back with some sort of the information making an attempt to collect your personal information. In case you have a doubt, you should call the sender of the email and get it verified if it is legitimate or not.

Carry only essential documents with you

Never carry the extra credit cards or some sort of the documents revealing your personal identity like the social security card or your birth certificate. Don’t take these crucial documents outside with you unless and until you really require them.

Use your personal VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The VPN services protect the user’s privacy online and also secure the web sessions through the creations of the secure tunnel on the internet just between the VPN server and the device. All kinds of the information which is transmitted will be encrypted thereby protecting the entire private and sensitive data of the user.


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