Stellar SQL Database Toolkit


SQL server database corruption can severely hamper the operation of an organization. It is prudent to have effective solution to such problems in form of cutting edge software. There are several database recovery software available in the market. However, Stellar Database Toolkit is definitely one of the best performing. The tool fixes all corruption of SQL server database and recovers inaccessible objects from MDF and NDF database files. Besides, the software carries out the highest level of non-destructive repair algorithm to preserve the integrity of database. The tool is primarily a combination of three developed to recover database from corrupt SQL server, extract database from corrupt SQL backup file and to reset SQL server password.



Deleted Records Recovery: The toolkit has been designed to simultaneously recover deleted records while the repair is going on. The lost or deleted records can be recovered without tampering the original structure of the database. Moreover, the user can also track deleted records clearly for checking the accuracy of the results and matching them before saving.

Search and Restore Specific Tables/Items: The selective recovery option enables to perform recovery on objects such as items and tables. The tool has the functionality to allow the users to select specific objects that could be recovered from the list. The user can also save it at any location on the system.

All in One Solution: The SQL database bundle is a complete solution to repair corrupt SQL database whether it is caused by clustered index, leaf level corruption or consistency corruption. Additionally, the utility resets lost SQL server administrator and user passwords. It ensures swift recovery of damaged SQL database backup files.

Free Database Preview: The tool scans almost the entire corrupt database and then displays the damaged ones in a tree like structure. The feature allows the user to preview the corrupt SQL database for free. User can also view the recoverable objects in the main interface. The database items can be verified prior to saving the recovered database.

Multiple Backup Support: The study algorithm of the wizard makes it more powerful to recover the database from all types of backup like differential, full or transactional log. The backup files are selected either by knowing the backup file location or by searching on the disk. The recovered database files are saved to default or user desired location.

Automatic Detection of SQL Server Version: The database bundle has the capacity to automatically detect the SQL server database version. In case of heavy corruption of database files, the software enables the user to manually select the version of SQL server. Toolkit supports all version of SQL server including the latest version SQL server 2016.

Recovers ROW and PAGE Compressed Data: SQL tables with page and row compression are also in scope of the SQL database recovery software. Besides, the tool also supports SCSU (Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode) for SQL server 2008 R2 and recovers all the data in its original form.

Improved GUI: The attractive ribbon in the upper part of the software makes it easy to find different options and use them. Menu items can be customized and individual options can be added or removed to make the recovery process quick and efficient.

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