Top AirPods Alternative


List of the top wireless alternatives to the Apple’s Airpods

No doubt, AirPods are quite tempting prospects as they boast unique features as well as the functionality which includes the super quick pairing and the ability to activate the Siri with just a tab. But Airpods also face competition from similar devices by the other companies .A large number of the companies have already developed or they are in the process of developing the cord cutting in the airbuds .While they may not be having essentially all the features just like the AirPods but these devices are certainly worth investigating. These alternatives sound as good as the Apple’s Airpods and they also cost much less in comparison to the Airpods.

 Let’s have a look at some of the top alternatives of the AirPods.

List of some of the top alternatives of AirPods

Sony’s WF-1000X

The WF-1000X are the pair of the wireless ear phones with great sound quality along with quite an impressive level of the details as well as the clarity. They imbibe a built in microphone and also the button tap combinations for the playback control and for the activation of the smart assistant too. Apart from that, this device also possesses the noise cancellation support which will be utilizing the gyroscope of your phone.

Onkyo W800BT

This device has actually been passed through various testings and after that it has emerged out with the four star ratings. This wireless earphone has a clear, open sound with an acceptable level of the musicality too. One of the limitations of this device is its relative lack of the functionality. There is a presence of the microphone built-in within the right earpiece for allowing the users to take up the phone calls and also a button for answering.

Jabra Elite Sport True

This is currently the ultimate wireless earphone for the runners and also for the other athletes. It comprises of the heart rate sensor which is present on the right side of the earpiece which monitors the exertion level of the users as they exercise. There is also a Jabra companion app which will be letting you to track the level of your exercise and you can also kick off the workout by just pressing a bottom on the earpiece.

Jam Ultra True

The design of this wireless earphone is innocuous and it has a tough nylon weave exterior. But it is not able to attract the instant attention of the buyers just like the pair of the AirPods do. The charge case is neat and wireless performance is awesome. Although the three hour long battery life is not very impressive. Sound quality is ok with the good sound stage width too.

B&O BeoPlay E8

This one is quite a little and cute product. It imbibes a 5.7 inches of the dynamic speaker in each of the earpiece with the music sent through the Bluetooth 4.2 chip .It can play continuously for about four hours before it needs to be recharged .


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