Samsung Flow app has bridged the gap between Android and Windows based devices

The most striking feature about the Samsung Flow app is that it is seamlessly supported in not just the Android devices, but other Windows based devices too. Samsung Flow facilitates a millennial magical connectivity experience between various devices. It is a software product that enables easy, authenticated connectivity between wide ranges of your devices.

Samsung flow facilitate android users to log into window based PC

You can establish secure, authenticated connections of your Smart Phone with a variety of other devices you would want to share contents, or authenticate, sync the notifications such as your Tablet, PC, and Laptops etc. All that you have to do is perform your routine hotspot turn-on / configuration in your Smart Phone so that you can easily connect with these other devices that you want to collaborate with.

It facilitates inter device activity or content transfer anytime

It is simple to work and you just have to follow few easy steps. Firstly, login or unlock other devices like your PC that you have synced using your Smart Phone and also through fingerprint scanning. You can check the notifications of your Smart Phone in other devices like your PC that you have synced and reply to those Smart Phone notifications though these devices. Samsung Flow is more fondly called ‘Handover’ feature by the makers because it facilitates inter device activity or content transfer anytime. When you are in the midst of an activity, you could pause in between.

The flow allows notifications and the messages of Galaxy phone to appear on TabPro S

You could even change to other devices while in the middle of an activity. You can pick and transfer an activity to the best device that you are connected to. The best thing about this feature is that, you can transfer the activity to another device even if you are in the middle of the activity. Whenever you do not have access to any of your device needed to complete the task you are currently undertaking, you could pause or defer the task anytime.

Soon this app will be working with the entire window 10 based PCS

You can then connect to the device whenever it is available and then transfer the task which you’ve left in the middle to the device you’ve connected. There is always a Task List with Samsung Flow. The Task List lists all the activities you’ve paused in the middle. You can either resume the activity when you are ready or you can remove the activity by swiping on it. Whenever all your devices are fairly in proximal distance to each other, you can easily sync the activities that you’ve deferred. Right now the app is working with the Galaxy TabPro S but it has been aid that soon it will be working with all the windows 10 based PCS.

It is of great help for consumers use Samsung smart phone and also Windows 10 PC

You can check Google Play™ to know Samsung Flow’s compatibility with any other devices such as Bluetooth: Bluetooth LE optional, Wi-Fi: direct connectivity, fTPM: enabled (China dTPM).The move of Samsung company to add support to all the windows 10 based devices doesn’t come as a surprise though. This will be of great help for consumers who are using Samsung Smartphone and also windows 10 PC.

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