Oneplus 5 said to manipulate benchmark tests


The OnePlus Company has been accused of cheating on the benchmark scores. An investigation report has unveiled that OnePlus Company had used some of the unethical means to fool the benchmark applications. It has been found to manipulate the benchmark scores for the latest smartphone.This work of the manipulation of the benchmark scores was communicated by the XDA developers. They stated in their reports that the company has resorted to the quite obvious and calculated cheating mechanism that was seen in the flagships in the initial days of the Android.

The approach adopted by OnePlus showed its clear intention to maximize its scores

The approach adopted by the OnePlus showed its clear intention to maximize its scores .The improper behavior of the OnePlus about the benchmark manipulation on the newer build of the Oxygen OS was reported .Each and every single review of the new smart phone that is containing the benchmark is utilizing the misleading results. This is something which is inexcusable as it is an attempt made by the firm to mislead the consumers. Along with that it has tainted the work of the reviewers too by providing misleading information that they are themselves not able to verify.

The company is found to manipulate benchmarks for showing high scores

Along with copying blatantly the design of the iPhone 7 Plus, the company is found to manipulate the benchmarks for showing the high scores. So now people get to know the reality how OnePlus 5 smart phone has actually managed to beat the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone in the bench mark tests. Well this is not the first time the company has done it.

The company manipulated the scores in almost all of the major benchmark apps

The same thing was done earlier with the OnePlus 3T too last year. As soon as the mobile detects the benchmark app, it utilizes the same mechanism for increasing the performance of the Snapdragon 835 processor. But in reality the phone didn’t delivered the same level of the performance. The company had manipulated the scores in almost all of the major benchmark apps like the An Tu Tu, GeekBench and also the Androbench.While the OnePlus 5 bench mark manipulation had targeted majority of the benchmarking apps, there was one which was exception to it that was 3DMark.

The OnePlus Company clarified that it wanted phone users to look at its true performance

The XDA developers had stated that the cheating mechanism of the company was actually blatant and it was aimed at maximizing the performance .This is something which was consciously introduced. The OnePlus Company clarified that it wanted the phone users to look at the true performance of the phone and therefore it allowed benchmark apps to run just like in case of the daily use of the consumer. The company said that it was not at all over locking the phone and through this way company was trying to show the potential of the performance of its new device.XDA developers however said that this statement of the company was itself contradictory.

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