Nokia 3310


The Nokia has come up with the new version of its iconic Nokia 3310 phone

In earlier times ,Nokia 3310 which was a basic feature phone was launched way back in the year 2000.The phone garnered the reputation of being highly reliable handset due to its long lasting battery and quite indestructible body. Again Nokia has come up with the new version of Nokia 3310 and this phone was launched in May 2017 .This time it is coming with a 2.4 inches polarizer and also a curved screen which is going to provide better readability during the day time. This way Nokia had paid homage to its iconic phone which was launched many years back and it has some of the modern upgrades.

Let’s check out some of the specification of the Nokia 3310

The design of phone is so simple and it looks more attractive than the original phone

All those people who were fans of Nokia 3310 and remember those simpler times would surely like to pick it up. The phone is priced at $ 49.99 and it works perfectly as the secondary mobile phone purchase. The design of the phone is so simple and it looks like a younger and more attractive cousin of the original phone.

Its body is made up of plastic and has a bright colour display with 240* 320 resolution

It is weighing around 133 grams and unlike many modern phones of today’s time, its body is made up of plastic. It is quite comfortable to hold in hand as it is not going to slip from your hand easily. In terms of the choice of colours, there are four choices-grey, dark blue, yellow and the warm red colour. But there is not much room in the New Nokia 3310 in case we look at the display. But there is of course the bright full colour display with not so impressive resolution of 240* 320.This phone can be utilized for the basic functions like texting and calling and you won’t be able to watch any video and gaming.

The user has to navigate phone by tapping the buttons which are present below

Another limitation is that there is not even the touch screen and the user has to navigate the phone by tapping the buttons which are present below. This phone is running series 30 and it is powered by 1200 mAh removable battery. It is a dual SIM and is accepting both the Micro SIM as well Micro SIM only. The phone has the connectivity via Bluetooth and also has the FM radio. The New Nokia 3310 is packing the graphic processor and it has 16 MB internal storage which is expandable to 32 GB with the help of the MicroSD card.

The phone’s battery life could be the one reason you can look forward to buy it

The battery life could probably be one of the reason you can look forward to buy this phone.Nokia claims that this phone is capable of living on the standby mode even for month and there are chances that it will still have some battery life that would be left when you are going to pick it up.

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