Nintendo’s new line up at E3


The presentation of Nintendo at E3 event was packed by series of surprising announcements

Nintendo was also one of the company that presented itself at the E3 event this year .The announcements made by the company came after the endless wait by the players. The company finally announced the Rocket League for the Switch and also there was a new Metroid Prime that is coming up. The presentation of the company at the E3 event was packed by the series of surprising announcements and introduction of many exciting games.

The company previewed a highly interesting line up of gaming content this year

There is plenty to look forward in the year 2017.The company actually previewed a highly interesting line up of the gaming content this year. It has unveiled stream of the new and very interesting titles this time and they are from some of the popular video gaming franchises.

Let’s check out what was the biggest news that was made by Nintendo in the E3 event

Super Mario Odyssey will release on 27th Oct this year

Super Mario Odyssey is the blockbuster switch game which will be released this year in the month of October. The new trailer of the game was shown by the firm and Nintendo also depicted some of the interesting game play mechanics and the new levels. In the game this time, Mario will have the partnership of Odyssey and they will be controlling the enemies.

Nintendo announced the launch of 4th Metroid Prime game

After ten years of gap, the company finally announced the launch of the 4th Metroid Prime game which will be coming to the Switch .The Company has not revealed much information regarding the release date of the game or the game play trailer.

Game Freak is working on the Pokémon themed Nintendo direct game

If you are Pokémon fan and your were disappointed when the company didn’t make any announcements regarding the Pokémon game earlier then the good news is that game freak is actually working on the Nintendo Switch Pokémon game. There is not much information revealed about it yet.

The company showed few of trailers of Yoshi and Kirby games

Nintendo also came up with few of the trailers of the Yoshi and Kirby titles that will be released in the year 2018.Some new game plays were showed under the Kirby title and it was shown that Kirby can even befriend the enemies.Yoshi games will be following up to the Woolly World. The entire action will be set in the world that was being made by the cardboard. The amazingly interesting thing is that the players will be able to flip towards the 2D level at the other side.

The company generated much more hype at E3 event than any other publisher

The relationship of Nintendo Company with the E3 has been a bit strange and people assumed that they are shying away from each other. But this time opposite had actually happened. The company made several of the interesting announcements and generated much more hype at the E3 event this year that any other publisher.

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