Microsoft’s plan for Phones


Microsoft has limited success when it comes to the market of smart phones

It has already been two years since Microsoft Company has launched new window phone. The company has quite limited success when it comes to mobile phones. The firm is struggling to grab a meaningful ratio of the market share. The company has launched the windows 10 Mobile, Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL but these mobiles were not able to make an impact on the users. They were not able to carry the company’s glory to the next level. As of now the company needs a perfect handset that can make a meaningful and long term impact on the people. In order to keep up the pace with other companies, Microsoft should come up with a convincing mobile phone platform too.

Microsoft Company is accustomed to develop the best in class operating systems

The CEO of the company Nadella earlier said that the company will surely make more smart phones but these gadgets will not look like mobile phones that we have today. Microsoft Company is more accustomed to develop the best in class operating systems and it has not got the same level of success in the lucrative mobile market and that has left the company scrambling too. In the year 2015, Microsoft came up with the Continuum that has enabled the mobile users to plug their devices into monitors and keyboards. The users could just get the window experience too on their mobile handsets. In spite of all this, the company was not able to gain a good share in the mobile phone market.

It should offers users mobile which runs on the android iOS as android dominates mobile market

The reason being it could not develop products that consumers really looking for and it couldn’t wow the users with some kind of hardware which is different from what other companies like Apple or Samsung are providing. On way to make a mark in the Smartphone market is it should abandon its windows 10 mobile and it should offer users mobile which runs on the android iOS as android dominates the mobile market. When the company will come up with the android based version, it will impart the firm instant access to the market. Android no doubt seems to the possible lucrative avenue in case a company wants to compete in mobile market.

The company is expected to launch windows 10 powered mobile phone by the end of the year

Once again this year, the company is testing its new surface phone hardware this time and its CEO has declared that Microsoft is coming up with the ultimate mobile device. They are looking for what all can be done in their much awaited ultimate mobile device for the consumers. With their surface line up, the company wants to change the way people look at the mobile devices. It is expected that windows 10 powered mobile phone will likely to show up by the end of this year.

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