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The Microsoft Ventures is funding two Artificial Intelligence start ups -Agolo and Bonsai

The Microsoft ventures had launched a new fund for AI startups way back in December 2016.

It clearly suggested that Microsoft Ventures, the tech giant’s VC arm wants to get associated with artificial intelligence in a large way. Since then it is pursuing investments through a special fund dedicated to AI start-ups that concentrates on “inclusive growth and positive impact on society.

The company has restructured its R&D efforts to focus more on Artificial Intelligence

The broader area of AI feels like the technology of the moment, in a nutshell, makes technology more efficient and smarter. The company has restructured its own R&D efforts to focus more on Artificial Intelligence and currently it is funding third-party firms working in this segment. It’s a segment where key competitors such as Google, Sales force, Apple and many more firms are aggressively investing in and Microsoft has to match them all.

Some of the AI start-ups which are backed by Microsoft

What’s intriguing is that, despite being early days, Microsoft seems to be taking a more synergetic and less investor approach. It is a partner in OpenAI and also a member of the Partnership on AI organization

Let us have a look at some of the AI start-ups which are backed by Microsoft.

Maluuba: It is a Canada based artificial intelligence Company doing research in deep as well as reinforcement learning. As a part of the deal, Microsoft is also hiring reputed AI expert Yoshua Bengio aboard as their advisor, who is the head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms.

Bonsai: They totally automate the management of complex machine learning algorithms, support organisations to program AI framework that improvise systems control as well as decision support.

Agolo: Their AI platform can research thousands of documents and generate a summation of critical points relevant to the reader’s needs on an ongoing basis. Is has an enormous database of summaries, which drives the AI engine of the company.

Tact: They provide a sales experience platform that transform a salesperson’s connected gadget into an AI- driven smart assistant that automates day to day administrative works and develops a friction-less sales environment.

Element AI: Provide AI solutions in collaboration with management and research institutions.

They attempt to create positive relationships between humans and AI in an enterprise.

AI startups In Paris: Microsoft has recently announced that it will be extending its full fledged support to budding AI developers. In this regard, in June 2107 it has announced a start up space in Paris known as Station F.

The company hopes to create AI program that offers link and mentoring to hundreds of firms

To start with, 5 start ups will get a year’s backup of the Microsoft Company’s technological and business knowledge. By the end of the year, it hopes to create an AI program that offers links and mentoring to over hundred of the firms. Station F, when it launched, will contain around 1,000 small technological companies. The set up has around 34,000sq m of breathing room with about 3,000 desks, 87 spaces and also one maker space.

The first start up joining this start up space is French company

The first start up joining this start up space is This French firm has been developing a service that enables organizations to create, launch and handle chat bots. It also takes care of hosting the chat bots. Some of the well known and big French companies are already dependent on the for their chat bots.

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